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Thread: plagiocephaly

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    my little girl had it too we were lucky we just let her have lots of tummy time and layed her on the side which was affected and really it fixed itself shes now one and u cant tell

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    Dear Kirsty EW

    My six month old son has recently been referred to a Paed. for possible plagiocephaly. I am quite anxious about the process and was wondering if you could let me know where you went from your first Paediatrician visit. Did you see a Plastic surgeon? Did you go for an X-ray or CT scan? Also, I am in Perth and I can't seem to find much inofrmation about specialists in this particular field here. Who should I be seeing next? Also,did you get Fergus's helmet cast at a hospital in Sydney?
    Please forgive me, I am so full of questions right now, I really hope your past experience can help me through this nerve-wracking time. My Paed. has told me that he hasn't seen a case like this in seven or so years! I was so in shock at the appointment, that I didn't know what to ask....
    Thank you in anticipation of your reply.

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