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Thread: Support group for cleft palates???

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    Smile Support group for cleft palates???

    I was wondering if there are enough people here to start a group for parents of children with cleft palates? if not I am sure general chatter will be enough for me to try and deal with a few of my issues!

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    hi i have a 3 yr old who had a cleft in her soft plate only and she had it repared at 9 mths it wasnt a nice thing to go through but she is perfect now and the biggest chatter box

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    There was a cleft palate thread around here somewhere, I will go have a look .

    My DD1 has a cleft palate, well she has Pierre Robin Sequence which is cleft palate and a small jaw, she has had jaw surgery to lengthen her jaw however she is yet to have her palate repaired as a result of her PRS she is fed all fluids via a naso-gastric tube, she does however finally eat solids.

    There are a few of us Mummas on BB with cleft kids, I am sure that the others will pop in soon .

    Off to find the other thread for you...

    ETA: Just noticed that the OP was very old... oops... hello kristel.

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    I know it's an old thread, but I thought I'd pop in too (as another clefty Mummy!).

    Liam was born with a bilateral cleft of the hard and soft palates with the lip and gums being unaffected (hence no visable cleft). Surgery corrected the cleft at 10 months old and we haven't looked back.

    At our last cleft clinic check-up, the dentist noted that his second molars haven't come in yet (at 2 years, 3 months old) but didn't seem concerned - so I think we're all good!

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