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Thread: Surgery for reflux anyone else

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    Default Surgery for reflux anyone else

    Hi guys

    Im amy my daughter is mikenzee she is one year old with servere reflux (gord) and delayed gastri emplying and after trying to avoid it for the last 11 months due to the fact it is a big op and can come with its own set or complications we have lost the batle and she is now awaiting a fundoplication for the reflux, it is getting done in two weeks she is getting her Feeding tube put back in tomorow she has had it out for 2 months but isnt doing to well and needs to have some weight on her for her operations

    She is also having a pylorplasty as wel which is for dealyed gastric emptying (different to pyloric stenosisshe had that done at 4 weeks old) this is also a another big operation which i didnt only found out a few days ago I thought it was the same as what they did for the PS but i was wrong she wil be in hospital for a while after surgery but hopefuly after this op she wil be able to eat and drink like most other kids i feel so bad for her she is one and cant digest any food other tha neocate formular and even that she has trouble with

    sheis also no stranger to the operating room this wil be her 4 and 5th op in 12 months but as any one who has had there babies go to theartre it doesnt get any easier

    Just wondering if any one else has had teh same or simaler thing

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    Hi Mikenzees Mum

    Sorry to hear you've had troubles. We have a friend whose two children both suffered from reflux and his youngest son (now almost two) recently had the op done that puts a kink in the oesophagus to stop everything coming up. He had quite bad scarring on his oesophagus that was checked first. Sorry, I don't know the technical name for the ops. He had it done two weeks ago and was on liquids only following the op. He came out of hospital after about four days, but was on liquids for the first week and mush/puree for the second. They are introducing mush with lumps this week. He seems happy enough in himself, but obviously the op is quite serious to have to take so much care of what they eat afterwards. Although sounds like your little one isn't on anything other than formula anyway.

    Hope this helps in some way, good luck to you and your little one.

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