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    Default BLS questions

    Not sure if this has already been asked but I would like some inro about BLS. Can anyone recommend some reading?
    I was wondering if you still offer you baby the same one food 3 times before trying something else?
    How do you know if they are allergic to something unless you give 1-2 foods at a time to begin with?
    Nutritionists recommend that babies don't have sugar and sodium so do you eliminate these at least until 12mths? As in vegemite and bread, biscuits and pre-prepared sauces?
    How many times a day do you offer food and at what age did you increase it?
    Do you offer banana as a first food as it is very high in potassium or did you wait until your baby was a bit older?

    Olive is currantly eating baby porridge once a day which is organic rice, millet and oats which is mixed with a little formula and bm. She seems to really enjoy this and has been eating this for 3wks. I have cooked up a stack of organic vegies but am not sure when to introduce a second meal. It also seems as though she reacts to apple and pear which are supposed to be low in allergens. This whole solids thing is kinda confusing.

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    Just moved this thread to BLS, hun.

    The ABA has a great booklet on BLS (it's not long, but worth every cent of the $5!). You can also try kellymom's site for an immediate read.

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    Hey OM,

    We gave DD banana right off and she loves it. I avoid salty and prepared foods. She does have a bit of vegimite occasionally.
    We just started with offering food at one time of day and now we are on to 2 or 3 but I don't stress if she doesn't eat as the EBM is still her main source of nutrition.
    Em gets a bit rashy with apples too.
    BLS isn't about restricting foods but giving a wide choice of wholesome foods

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