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    Mar 2011

    Which book?

    Hi girls - in really interested in the baby led solids approach to food and want to get my info and such sorted before my Little Man is 6mnths ( I know he is only 3mntha but gosh time flies!!) ive been looking on eBay for the books and can see there is "baby led solids" and also "I can feed myself" both by Gil rary which I have seen a few of you recommend in previous threads - but I'm wondering what the difference is? Can someone please recommend the best one to Buy to give me as much info as possible? I love the ideas and points behind BLS so I want to do I right! And have it on hand incase any grandparents question the choice.

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    Mar 2008
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    I've got the baby led weaning/solids one - cant comment in the other one as I haven't seen/heard of it. The blw one covers all the basics and I feel is a good grounding for parents about the whole process. Haven't read it for awhile but ds has been going well with his food at 2yr+9mths - no major refusals. I'll have to reread it sometime in the next 6mths to refresh my memory.

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    Nov 2008
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    I've only read the Gill Rapley one - it was about $14 from book depository, and was fantastic. didn't need any other books to get it all done, with enough info about starting, reasons, progressing, and examples.