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Thread: acronym baby names part II :)

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    Smile acronym baby names part II :)

    Thanks for all your feedback on the last post

    Spoke to hubby about it, and he LOVES it.
    Thought it was the best one, and had a lovely message.

    Have done some homework, and found out that rayana isn't an existing name, so it would be
    a new name, that doesn't already have a meaning. Pretty sure we're the first to use it with this meaning.

    Nickname would be "ray" we haven't really 100% decided her name yet, but we've been calling my little bump 'our little 'ray' of sunshine'...
    so maybe keeping this as kinda a 'totally uncool mum nickname' for her would be nice?
    my little RAY of sunshine, hehe.
    more nicknames: anna / annie, ray-ray and little r (an 'in-joke', hubby is Robin, so he's 'big r')

    Having a little trouble on middles... (last name is Frost)

    - Rayana Jasmine (Jasmine as that spelling or Jasmin - no 'e'?)
    (then she could be RJ too)

    - Rayana Jessica ( another RJ. maybe too long?)

    - Rayana Jade ( another rj I think this one flows and Jade is a fairly normal name
    if shes super against rayana)

    - Rayana Isabelle (again, is it too long?)

    - These ones are a little more 'normal' and common and therefore more balanced.

    - Rayana Jane (RJ, flows, not to long, but I'm not completely sold. too many a's and n's)

    - Rayana Eve (I quite like this one.. though initials are REF. I think middles with no a's look the
    nicest though, and eve is nice and feminine)

    - Rayana Rose (Is it too matchy matchy? Rayana Rose Frost. Rose is also my mothers middle name
    so, theres a nice little sentiment there too, rather than just being a filler)

    Dicussed all last night. We're SOOOO excited. Think we've found The Name.

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    What a great name!! My pick for MN would be Jade I think it flows really well.

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