thread: Any Suggestions Please!!

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    Dec 2008

    Any Suggestions Please!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for middle names thatgo well with Jessica? I really liked Rose but DH is not too keen. He suggested Isabelle, but im not wrapped in that.

    Any other suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Jun 2006
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    How many syllables are you after? One syllable middle names go well with 3 syllable or more first names - in my opinion.
    A 2 syllable middle name would be my max with a 3 syllable first name (that's just me).
    Here are the more commonly used 1 syllable middle names;

    Jessica Rose
    Jessica Mae/May
    Jessica Grace
    Jessica Jade
    Jessica Skye

    some others:
    Jessica Raine
    Jessica Shae
    Jessica Faith
    Jessica Hope
    Jessica Beth
    Jessica Lee

    Mmm.... can't think of any more just now.... Is there a nice female name in either of your families?


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    Jan 2009

    Jessica Louise
    Jessica Lou
    Jessica Belle
    Jessica Maree
    Jessica Jane

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    Aug 2006
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    My eldest daughter's name is Jessica Kate. She often gets called 'J.K.'

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    smiles4u Guest

    Jessica Adele
    Jessica Elise
    Jessica Skye
    Jessica Lauren
    Jessica Holly
    Jessica April
    Jessica Melita
    Jessica Ariane

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    May 2007

    I like Jessica Sarah. Although I guess it depends on your surname.