thread: Boy name help

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    Mar 2009

    Boy name help

    We haven't really discussed boy names yet but I mentioned the name Morgan for a middle name to honour my fiance's grandmparents, he said it sounded like a good idea but its not set in stone. Anyway what are your thoughts on this list (this is just a few names I like, not sure if Grant likes them or not)

    Alexander "Xander"


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    Feb 2007

    nice list. i don't personally go for josiah - not sure why, maybe because to me it looks a bit feminine when written (although not when pronounced). I don't think Nathan and Morgan sound great together, but the other names go well. Noah Morgan sounds good, as does James Morgan, but i think the flow of first name and last name is much more important than first and middle, since one's middle name is hardly used.

    good luck deciding - we never managed to agree on a boy's name last pregnancy; luckily we had a girl!

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    Aug 2008

    I love Isaiah and Xander.

    Have you thought about Jonah? I know a cool little Jonah.
    Cast Nathan aside. Every one I've ever taught has been a brat.

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    Feb 2008
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    ... sorry dont like the rest. Noah is ok...

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    Mar 2009

    I love Isaiah and Xander.

    Have you thought about Jonah? I know a cool little Jonah.
    Cast Nathan aside. Every one I've ever taught has been a brat.
    My sister-in-law has said if she ever had another boy she'd want to name him Jonah so I can't use that one.

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    May 2006

    Jasper - reminds me of a cartoon character... Casper maybe?
    Isaiah - I really like this one. Very strong name.
    Josiah - will be shortened to Joe.
    Noah - very popular these days.
    Alexander "Xander" - I prefer Alex as shortened version, really nice name all the same.
    James - okay... doesn't do a lot for me.
    Nathan - ex was a Nathan. Every Nathan I know is a jerk unfortunately... nice name otherwise.

    Good luck!!!

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    Apr 2008

    Jasper - I like it and its on my list, but I dont think I would actually use it, I find it a tad fem and I'd prefer a more serious name, LOVE it on other ppls kids though. Jasper Morgan sounds amazing too.
    Isaiah - Not into it at all. It's a very biblical name.
    Josiah - Also not into it. I like Jonah and Joseph though. LOVE Joseph actually.
    Noah - WAY TOO common. I know about 6 little Noahs. I'd want to avoid the trend and give him a more original name. You could use it in the middle if you really love it?
    Alexander "Xander" - Alexander Morgan sounds really good, but slightly familiar, I'd google it just to check it wasnt someone famous! Alex and Zander and both cute nickname and overall its a very classy choice.
    James - Cute but too overused in my opinion. There are lots of names that are just as nice but way less common.
    Nathan - I love it! Not sure it goes with Morgan. Nathan Alexander sounds nice. Sounds nice with your other kids names. I really love Nathaniel (thats what im naming my bub to be, I already have a Rory too). Nathaniel Morgan sounds good too.

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    Aug 2006
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    I love Jasper the best, and then Noah.

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    Jan 2005

    I really like Jasper