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Thread: How important was the meaning of the name to you?

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    If I like a name but not the meaning, it still goes on my list. If I like the meaning but not the name, it doesn't. For example:

    Amelia (our current #1 name if bubs is a girl) = "Work of the Lord." Love the name, don't love the meaning. (it also means "work" or "effort" which is more fitting, but that doesn't help my example )

    Anuenue = "Rainbow." Love the meaning, don't love the name.

    Iris = "Rainbow" as well. I love the name and the meaning, so it was at the top of my list for a while. But Scott doesn't like it

    With Ianto, it sort of worked retroactively. We already had his name picked out, but it fit what happened quite perfectly. Both Ianto and Jack are characters in Torchwood. In the show, Ianto died. Jack can't die. OUR Ianto Jack died, but his memory will never die. I thought that was pretty fitting when I worked that out

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    we went with a name that had meaning to US, not so much the "true" meaning (Emerald is a green stone - meh - boring!)

    like Rouge, i do look to make sure that names don't have a very negative meaning though

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    I don't think it factored in at all...we had such a hard time agreeing on a name that to worry about the meaning of it would be too much and she probably still wouldn't have a name! Lol

    I just googled and "Hayley" means "from the hay meadow"..I don't really know what to make of that! Although it's also suggested to be derived from the word "haela" which means hero.

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    I have no idea what the meanings are for our girls names. We chose them as we liked them, and their middle names are chosen as they have special meaning to someone in our family.

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