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Thread: I'm new and need some name help please.

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    Default I'm new and need some name help please.

    Hi, I am new to this forum and need a bit of help with names for out third baby. We don't know the sex yet. We have two daughters already named Hayley Anne and Skye Louise.

    I am really loving Willow for a girl but still trying to convince my fiance (he hasn't said no yet)

    Anyway, can you please tell me which name/combos you like best out of these:

    Willow Jane
    Willow Sophia
    Willow Camille
    Willow Elizabeth (this is my fiance's grandmother's name)
    Willow Leonie (this is my grandmother's name)

    We haven't really spoken about boy names yet.

    Thankyou for any feedback, Cassie.

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    Hi mum2bubba

    I like the sound of Willow Jane or Willow Elizabeth

    Good luck

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    smiles4u Guest


    I like the idea of the middle name after one the Grandmothers

    Could you put two middle names (my own DD has two middle names) ?? ... " Willow Elizabeth Leonie " ... I think this sounds and looks so lovely & special (as long as your DD's surname doesn't start with an "L" or the intitals will spell WELL ... which i guess isn't so bad) !!

    My own middle name is Jane and i have never liked it ... so sorry not a Jane fan here
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    I like Willow Jane the best, mainly because I think you need a short name with Willow.
    How about shortening Elizabeth to Beth? Willow Beth is nice

    ETA - just had a thought - why not combine Elizabeth and Leonie to have Bethonie?! (or Bethany)

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    Hi there I really like Willow Jane. Good luck.

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    Chook83 Guest


    I like Willow Elizabeth. Goodluck on choosing

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    Thankyou so far....

    sneakysparkle: I have considered Beth as Grant's grandmother is named Elizabeth but actually goes by Beth but I'm not sure about it. I might see what Grant says.

    smiles4u: I also like the idea of two middle names but my other two kids only have one and so I'd feel like they'd be missing out (if that makes sense) also Grant doesn't like two middle names, I suggested this with the other girls but he was against it.

    I think I will let my fiance, Grant have the last say on the middle names (I'll give him a list though) I have a feeling he'll go with Jane though as he chose the middle names for Hayley and Skye, Hayley's middle name is Anne which is my middle name and I've never been a huge fan.

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    I like Jane or even Jade
    Also think combining the two Grandmothers names to Bethany is nice as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayray View Post
    I like Jane or even Jade
    Also think combining the two Grandmothers names to Bethany is nice as well
    I don't mind Willow Bethany but my niece is already Chrishelle Bethany and my sister-in-law would think I was stealing her name.

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    I'll be the odd one out and say Willow Sophia..I think that sounds really pretty, I loved Sophia and then my cousin had a girl and called her Sophie so Unfortunately for me it was really an option any more.

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    Do like Willow Sophia, (my personal fav, it flows better than the rest)
    Do like Willow Leonie (my name is Leonie, hated it as a kid now LOVE it)
    Do like Willow Elizabeth( my mother is Elizabeth, also 2nd best for flow reasons)
    I'm also with the other lady who doesn't like Jane its my middle name and I always felt "Plain Jane" JMO
    Have fun deciding.
    Got any boy"s names up your sleeve? I fear I am going to have one of those 3 wk old "Baby Potter" babes.

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    I have always loved the name Sophia - so that's an easy choice for me. It can be hard sometimes when you would like to accommodate family though.
    So, yeah- another vote for Willow Sophia.

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