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Thread: Middle name for Liam

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    Default Middle name for Liam

    Hubby and I can only agree on the name Liam for a boy... the thing is though he is pushing to pass down a family name "Brian" as the middle name.
    What do you all think about those two names together?
    Liam Brian ___ (our surname is double syllable). Does it sound funny having a short first name ending in 'm' and then a short middle name ending in 'n' - thats my thoughts..
    I love Alexander as a middle name, Christopher or Benjamin because to me it seems to sound better having a longer middle name when Liam is a short name and our surname is also quite simple/short, but these have been ruled out by my hubby...
    Any thoughts?

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    Default Middle name for Liam

    I quite like Liam Brian, think it sounds nice with a 2 syllable surname!

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    My nephew is Liam Maxwell,

    I don't mind Liam Brian tho..

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    I quite like Liam Alexander and Liam Christopher, too, but the first names that came to mind when I read the title of your post were John or James. I don't know why, for some reason a J-name seemed to fit.

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    I was going to suggest Liam Alexander, i think it's gorgeous and the longer middle name works well. Boo hoo to your DH... lol

    Not sure on Liam Brian myself, i think it's the double ia for me.. if that makes sense?

    Liam John
    Liam Alec
    Liam Jeffrey

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    Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your ideas.. Funny Sasha - Liam John and Liam James have been mentioned as a possibility a couple of times...
    If it were Liam John - it would be incorporating my two grandfather's names..

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    Jefferey. That's is my DS's name and I love it!

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    why not two middle names (my DD has two middle names, so do i )

    Liam John Brian ......... or ......... Liam Brian John

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