thread: Names after famous people/singers/musicians?

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    Oct 2008
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    Talking Names after famous people/singers/musicians?

    Hi all

    We have had babys name picked since i was about 3 months pg (Jade) but have been undecided on middle names....every name i like DP doesnt like and vice versa.

    We had a name picked out for a boy (which it isnt) which was Noah Davis, we both liked Noah and Davis was after Jonathan Davis from the band Korn...my favourite band and i have 2 large Korn tattoos....anyway....

    DP and i both like Devin Townsend (a singer from band Strapping young lad and other solo projects) and we are now thinking Jade Devin would be nice for our future DD.

    What id like to know is if any of you have named your kids after famous singers, actors, etc, or if you were named after someone famous and how its affected them/you....and also what you think of the name weve picked (she will be taking DPs surname, Arbon)


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    Oct 2008
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    oh and BTW the singer Devin is a guy but we thought Jade Devin sounds nice and balanced, not too girly or too tomboy ish??

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    Mar 2008
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    *sighs* lol

    We named our son after a very well known V8 Super car driver ....

    Now, it suits him to a T, everywhere we go we get such good response and people love it. But 80% of the time, people know where it has come from, which frustrates me BUT my Mr loves....

    It was my own fault as to how it happened... lol

    But honestly, i do love it and we havent had anything bad of it yet. It is different, strong and suits him!

    I have already decided if our next is a girl one of her middle names will be 'Dixie' after the Dixie Chicks as i just LOVE them! lol

    As for your names... i love them all... and they have meaning for you guys and thats all that matters! Jade Devin is gorgeous AND, (i am obsessed with this) you can call her J.D for shirt

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    Yep... my eldest DS was named after Jimi Hendrix & Eddie Vedder

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    I know someone whom named her twin girl's Ava & Sofia ... after actress Ava Gardner & Sofia Loren

    My DD has a friend who is named Ned after Ned Kelly !!

    I wanted to name my DD's middle name Desire after the U2 song Desire but she already had two middle names

    (Not the same topic ... but i met someone many years ago who had named his 7th child Sara Lee after the frozen desserts ... no kidding )

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    Dec 2007
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    We were going to call DS "Reznor" after Trent Reznor cos both me and DH are HUGE Niners fans.

    However my kiwi friend at work pronounced it Riznah - and yup - turned me off.

    Not exactly the same - but our dogs name is keenan - after the most gorgeous vocalist of Tool

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    OMG Mel ... Keenan ... you are the 1st i have ever heard to mention that name ... Way back in 1986 (me thinks) was watching MTV as we all did back then ,,, and one night there on the TV screen was the most gorgeous looking African-American ... needless to say his name was Keenan ... and yeh, it was on my boy's list when pregnant (along with every other boy's name starting with a "K", LOL)

    ... Might have to name a pet it too

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    Oct 2008
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    Arimeh thats cool as!!
    i was a bit annoyed when i first found out we were having a girl cause i was so dead set on Davis lol, jonathan davis just makes me melt

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    Apr 2009

    I love Jade Devin. Its pretty and mysterious at the same time. My ds name is Jack Daniel so make what you will of that.....

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    Dec 2007
    Taking a ride on my grdonkey :D

    LOL Devin Townsend, finally someone else who knows who he is hahah my ex was all into SYL and the rest of that kind of music, nobody else I know has ever heard of them

    We didn't name DD after a singer/musician as such, but I picked 'Emily' because of the song by From First To Last... when I was 16, my daughter was going to be Cailin after the song by Unwritten Law, and I still have a bit of a fancy for Magdalena after the A Perfect Circle song (albeit, 'Judith' is a wicked song but I just don't like the name Judith lol), etc
    And I'm still set on naming any future son I have Drazic after the character from Heartbreak High lol, the name is totally rad as well so I refuse to consider anything else DH doesn't like it though, so good thing we're not having any more

    ftr I think Jade Devin is mad pants, especially as it's after Devin Townsend lol I think growing up with parents like you guys she will appreciate it no end, you guys have good taste in music!!

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    Dec 2008

    just wanted to say i love the name Jade Devin and was wondering how things are going as you still baking her? hope she comes out very soon!

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    Sep 2007

    Love the name

    I always wanted to use Bon for a boy. After the obvious, Bon Scott (huge ACDC fan here ), but one of my dad's friends got in first with Jack Bon.
    Then Axel. After Axel Rose, but DH was never sure about it. After DS was born he decides to suggest Axel! But DS was 2 months old by then! I was so devistated! Lol! (I guess I could say thats where DD2's middle name came from ) They are the only ones I like. Because they are different, & just coz I really like them.

    A friend was gonna call her DD Seth Deagan if she was a boy. After 2 skate boarders.

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    Jul 2007

    Love Jade Devin too!!!

    And on the topic we were considering a Jacob Damien Danger ..(surname)...

    We liked the names for one, but then came JD from that. Love scrubs, and Danger...
    Well that was a contribtuion from a friend and I hate to say it but I absolutely LOVE it. I think it's cruel for a child (I think I would be too ashamed to put it on school enrolment etc) but for an adult, whoa what a pick up line

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    Oct 2008
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    Cookie lol at danger except id be worried ppl would not think of the word danger and pronounce it Dang-er (as in dang ending like gang).

    After all of that were not too sure about Devin! Lol ....we are quite keen on another name but all will be revealed in my BA (4 days overdue so hopefully this week sometime!)

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    Jan 2007

    Didn't some Foxtel guy give his son Danger as a middle name? I love it - so cute!

    Off topic - but my girlfriend got a new dog and has named it Cuba - which is our boy name! I was devastated because it is so unique, everyone will thing I named him after her dog!

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    Jun 2005

    One of my best friends is currently pregnant with a boy and her and her DH are seriously considering the name Cash after Johnny Cash (the country and western singer) who her DH just loves. I dont personally love it but it really suits them as a family.

    My BIL and SIL were going to call their child Vadar/Veda after Darth Vadar if it was a girl. Thank goodness it was a boy is all I will say!

    As for us, for a while the middle name of Richie has been considered both last pregancy and this one after DH;s fave guitartist Richie Sambora. It hasnt been ruled out of contention cause I think it is quite a cute name.

    Oh and BTW I think Jade Devin sounds really nice.

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    Mar 2008
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    i lurve jade devin! it sounds so powerful and devine all at once. especially with your DPs last name.

    i remember a few years ago JJJ was doing a name thing and they went through the strange but true names around the world. one boy was called 'rogan josh' after his mums fav curry; a girl was named 'Australia' as she was born on australia day; and the best was a kid named "anon" after the 'famous' poet LOL!!!!!!!!! what a scream!

    when we named our DD Leila we loads of eric clapton comments . so didnt think of that!

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    Jan 2007
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    If our DD was a boy she was going to be named Ayrton (after the late F1 driver Ayrton Senna)