thread: The search begins...

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    Feb 2008
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    The search begins...

    I thought it was about time we started thinking about names...of course everyone has been asking if we have a name, or if we have a short list..we don't even have a list to begin with! Lol. Have spent this morning scrolling through lists of baby girls names (although I'd like to have a boys name in reserve, "just in case", so there's another list to make!). I really don't know where to start! I have a few written down that I like, don't know if I'd necessarily use them though...and DF has to like them too.

    There are a few names starting with "E" that I like, including Ella, Emilie, Erin and Eva/Evie, the thing is the baby's last name will be "Evans", do you think having a first name starting with E would sound too weird? I was thinking maybe one of them could be used as a middle name, might not sound so strange then.

    Will post up my shortlist later, once I've finished wading through all the names out there...suggestions are welcome too! I think we'd both prefer a traditional name, nothing too "out there". I didn't think there would be quite so many names out there..there are millions! And we really don't have anything in mind at all

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    You are lucky you have such a great surname. It goes with just about every name. If you get stuck you are welcome to use the bestest name in the whole world - Rebecca!

    I think an e name will sound too much, but then again she will get married one day and prob take her husbands name anyway...
    Good luck with the naming journey!


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    I wouldn't use the same initial in the first name as the surname - but thats just me ya know? I mean, Jack Johnson sounds good right?

    You can always steal my kids names But they are probably too far out there for ya.

    I always googled "unusual baby names" and usually got a few good sites.

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    It depends entirely onthe first name.
    I think Erin Evans kind of runs in to itself and sounds almost like one word, where as Emilia Evans sounds really nice.

    DS is MM, so I have no drams with aliteration in names

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    When looking for a mate's ph number in my phone, it comes in handy when people's first names and surnames both start with the same letter! I have put some names in by first name, and others by surname (silly, i know!) so have to check under both first and second names.

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    Oh, ERIN is one of my favourite's

    My daughter's middle name is Elise (after my sister Elise)

    I have a male cousin who's first name begins with E and surname is Evan ... I have always thought it looked and sounded great together

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    Feb 2008
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    DF just cut my list down from many names to So far we have Brooke and Sophie, but I didn't finish going through the alphabet so hopefully there are a few more out there. I like the above two names but they don't really leap out at me and say this is the name for your baby..I love the name Lily, but DF doesn't like it! I told him to make a list too and we can compare....I doubt I will see it though! Just hoping we find a name by the time this little one comes, I had a dream last night that our baby was born and we took it home from hospital without having a name!

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    Oh, ... YES ... YES ... YES ... i just love BROOKE ... my Mum was going to name me Brooke but it didn't go with my other names BUT i always wished i was named Brooke ... not to mention Brooke Shields is a tad older than i so i grew up watching her & aint she just gorgeous