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Thread: Taylor - Any strong males w this name?

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    Default Taylor - Any strong males w this name?


    Does anyone know of a strong male (pref famous/well known) with the name Taylor? It's my middle name but if we have a boy I'd still like to use it as his middle name but my husband says it's a girls name and challenged me to think of a guy with this name, other than "Taylor Hanson" from the Hanson/Hansen band!!! I cant, so hoping someone out there can

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    lol hmmm can't think of any off the top of my head but then I can't think of any famous female Taylors either? I think its just not a very common name so thats why!

    Great name but and I think it's a great name for a boy!!

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    Shalou Guest


    I could only think of girls named Taylor. It was a popular name when I was in school for girls & there have been a few little girls named Taylor in DD's childcare classes. Famous wise i could come up with Taylor Dane & Taylor Swift, both female singers I think. I know Taylor Swift has that new song Love Song out at the moment. I googled it and the only male that came up was a Tennis Player named Taylor Foogle something.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    I think Tyler is the boys version of Taylor?
    Just a thought!!!

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    I always thought Taylor suited a boy more ... (if that helps )

    Be so nice to a hear of a son named after his gorgeous Mum for a change

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