thread: Thoughts on names???

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    Aug 2008
    Brisbane, QLD

    Thoughts on names???

    We have a way to go, but have started thinking about names and wonder what your thoughts are...

    Cameron Jacob
    Henry Joseph
    Harrison Joseph
    Jack (altho' our last name is Nicol, and I HATE Jack Nicholson, so not sure I can get over that)

    Cameron Allanah
    Lauren Allanah
    Lauren Isabelle

    Any other ideas? We like slightly alternate names that are not too way-out but not too common. Hard to put into words what we like, I guess Classic but not 'boring', and perhaps slightly strong-sounding since there are so many hard consonants in our surname. I'll know what I like when I hear them.

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    Nov 2006

    I think the names you have chosen are pretty and strong but def not alternative. My favs are - Harrison Joseph and Charlotte or Georgia.

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    Jan 2005

    I like Henry and Lauren.
    Would Lauren Nicol sort of run in to each other though and sound like one word? Laura would be nice as well.

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    I quite like Lauren Nicol sounds like the 40's silver screen starlette Lauren Baccahl (sp?)she was so gorgeous.
    I like Cameron Jacob Nicol too,

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    Jun 2006
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    I have always loved the name Cameron for a boy - its very strong and smart- IMO!
    The others don't do much for me - especially Jack, as its been the most common boy name in Aus for the past couple of years.

    For girls I like Lauren, but prefer Laura (so pretty - IMO!). I also think Laura would go better with your last name as it starts with an 'n'.
    Georgia and Charlotte are sweet - especially Charlotte.
    Emma and Erin are plain jane names to me (sorry!).
    Cameron - personally, i'd leave this one for the boys. I think the trend to give girls a name that is traditionally used for boys is just making the poor boys harder and harder to name!!

    Goodluck deciding. Remember, at the end of the day, its only your & DH's opinion that counts!


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    Feb 2007

    if you're looking for something less common you may want to avoid charlotte (very popular atm), harrison/harry and jack.

    out of your girls' names i like emma and georgia; for boys i think cameron jacob is nice. but as jellybean said, these things are entirely a matter of taste.

    good luck deciding!

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    Aug 2008
    Brisbane, QLD

    Thanks for your thoughts, I know it's our choice, but it's nice to hear input (we say/hear these names a lot so it's nice to get an outside opinion). I love Laura, but DH's cousin has a Laura, and we used to be friends with a Laura but that ended badly, and I don't think DH will agree. DH's mum and his cousin's mum are sisters and quite close, so just don't think I can pull Laura.

    I'm going off Jack, and was obsessed with Harrison, but you're right, it's a bit common at the moment (and there's a Harry in the class next door who is becoming trouble - I try to block my ears whenever the teacher says his name). Funny - Cameron and Henry are high on our list, as is Lauren. Interesting that so many of you agree.

    Thanks for checking in.

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    May 2008

    i also like Hernry and Harry for a boy, and i love Cameron for a girl! and think it would sound really good with your surname... but what about Emilia or Emily instead of Emma?
    good luck deciding! isn't it fun!