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Thread: Baba sling - where to buy?

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    Default Baba sling - where to buy?

    Hey there,

    Does anyone on BB sell baba slings? After researching, this is the sling I want to buy, but I'm finding it hard to find a place that you can buy them online without a credit card. I need to use money order or bank deposit as payment.

    I don't live near any baby shops.....I do have a Big W 45 mins from here, but I'm under the impression they wouldn't stock this right?

    I also don't want to get a second hand one off ebay.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance!

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    storm04 Guest


    not sure but do you know someone you can trust who can buy it for you, even if they send it COD for you, or send it registered post they can get it for you then post it
    You can paypal too using your bank account as well if that helps hopefully someone else can help more otherwise ring a supplier and ask if you can order it and send a money order in! good luck!

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    storm04 Guest


    hey tara natures child, ( i dont think we can post links here) allow you to post and rpint out your order at checkout and make payment that way so check them out just found them then

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    Thanks heaps Storm and Jill! I just found one, after googling for about an hour, not sure why I didn't find it earlier. It's a online baby shop and they do take dd or money order and they are actually in the closest city to me and they post out within a few days of receiving payment. Also their prices are better than babasling website was, just not the range of colours that the babasling site does, but much more convenient. I'm going to order it next pay day when I'll be 36 weeks, so I hope that's not too late LOL.

    I'm going to get the turquoise one

    Thanks heaps !

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    storm04 Guest


    Thats awesome i love google for that u can find anything !!

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    You will love the baba sling, I do, its wonderful, I got mine from a baby shop in QLD when I was on holidays up there, Charlotte is 8 months and i still use it alot.

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    hi i also want to get one. what sort of price should i be paying for one? i have found one store near me that has them for $100. should i be able to get them cheaper than that?

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    I have a baba sling and it is awesome, I bought mine for $89 at babies galore but have seen them at online stores for at least $20 less, just wanted to let you know, maybe thats the site you found not sure... mine is pink with frangipani's and pink netting which is fabulous for summer. My baby is 1 year old and she still fits in it and its very comfy. The site shows different ways the baby can lie or sit in it too.


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    hi thanks for letting me know. which on line store? the only slings i have found have been all material no netting. if the one with netting called a baby rock sling? or can you get the baba sling with netting?

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