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    Default Baby Bjorn Synergy

    Apparently BB are releasing a new carrier called the synergy. It has the support of the BB active and also incorporates the BB air to keep mum & bub cool. I read that it is due for release this month and should retail for about $230.00. I was planning on buying the air as its almost summer and Perth can get quite hot, but now i'm thinking I should wait for the synergy. My q is, up to what age can you use the BB? Dont want to spend $230.00 and only be able to use if for a few months.

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    Hi Hayley

    I was looking this up today. BB has a web site- just google it. I am sure its on a weight basis up to 12kg?? same as the others.
    I am going to hold out till I can get the synergy myself (January bub in Brisbane!)

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