thread: Bag slings *warning*

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    Bag slings *warning*

    The Infantino SlingRider is probably the most famous bag sling - it was recalled after a number of babies died in them.

    There are still other bag slings on the market - here is a blog post which discusses how to spot a bag sling and why they can be so dangerous.

    When choosing a sling, ask around if you're unsure and remember the TICKS Guidelines for safely wearing your infant.
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    oh my gosh! That's so dangerous! I cant believe they are still on the market! (well I can but they shouldnt be!)

    Thank you for posting this, I'll share it on FB.

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    I saw one on the babyology blog the other day. It was called a Sidekick Bliss. What about them is unsafe?

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    It's explained in the link above.

    Basically, they are deep, which encourages baby into a curled C position, which can lead to positional asphyxiation. This is compounded by the elasticised edges which tend to cover baby - also posing a breathing risk and making it harder to see baby and ensure they are well positioned and safe. They often come with a harness - which may give parents a false sense of security, but actually does nothing to ensure optimal positioning. And, on top of all that, they tend to hang quite low at the hip. Which is a totally unnatural position to hold your baby in and means you're less in touch with your baby, can't see them and may not know that they're in trouble.

    There are no real safety requirements for baby carriers on the market. It's up to manufacturers to ensure they are safe. While some manufacturers are extremely ethical and put a lot of time and effort into design and testing many of the cheaper, mass-produced brands do not. In Australia, often the cheaper, mass-produced ones (and the bjorns, which are not unsafe, but not optimal) are available in the major retailers and baby stores. It pays to ask around online before buying anything.

    ETA - FabFiona if you click the link you'll see what I mean by a bag sling. The baby goes inside the duffel-bag type 'sling'. The sidekick thing is not a sling. It's fine (well, it looks a bit awkward, but doesn't appear to be terribly dangerous and you couldn't carry a newborn in it anyway)

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    Kanga Collective blog also has some articles related to cradle carry/bag slings and T.I.C.K.S as well as other babywearing related stuff.