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    Hi everyone,

    I bought a Bubba Moe sling for my bub before he arrived. I'm finding it really hard to use! I've watched their instruction video and still, it's like he's getting swallowed up in it and he HATES it - for that reason. He likes to see out, or at least be able to see out, not be covered up in fabric. Does anyone else use one?

    After finding this wasn't working, I bought a Baby Bjorn but after reading the article on here and some other info, I'm not sure I want to use it. I had Billy in it a couple of days ago and he and I both got really hot. He also kept head butting my chest and he seems to hate this one also because he is facing me, which he doesn't really like. He prefers to look out. Might it be ok for him when he's a little older?

    Jeez, between baby carriers and bottle teats, I may have a breakdown!

    Thank you!


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    We bought a baby bjorn and didnt use it until dd could hold her head up well enough so her head wouldnt bob about every where when we walked. After that it as great...yes it did get really hot(for walking outside) but so handy when out shopping and she didnt want to be in the pram anymore. We would face her out so she could see everything but if we knew she was tired we would face her towards us so she could snooze. Used it up until she was 9kgs and look forward to using it again.

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    Hmm. In the Bjorn, if he rests his head sideways on your chest, can he see out? Maybe if he's staring straight ahead at your chest, it hasn't occurred to him to look to the side? Resting his head should help the bobbing too...I know some people place something behind their bub's heads, like a folded wrap. As long as it's not going to smother, that could be another idea to stop bobbing.

    As for the Bubba Moe...dunno...if he wants to be able to see...I'm guessing the reason you can't have his little head popping out is because you need fabric around his head to support it, because his head control isn't great yet?

    Sounds many times have you tried it? It might take awhile before he gets used to it? Or you might find he only likes it in a certain mood - the Moe when he's tired and doesn't need to see, for example. Or for us, I know River was not in the mood to play test baby with carriers unless he was fresh from a nap and well rested.
    It's tough, cos every baby is so different, and what they like will be different.

    So, I suppose you've got a few options - if you want something NOW, sell one and try something else, like a Hug a Bub wrap (anyone know how early bubs can face out in those? cos sounds like your guy is keen to face out), or Mei Tai or...whatever you fancy.
    Or you could wait, and try them again when bub's a bit bigger.

    Ooh, just had a thought...I know some pouch/ring sling styles come in mesh-like material. That could be worth a look, if you get hot, and if you can have him snuggled in the carrier, but he can still see through the material!
    Not sure if/where you'd find one like that - but you could google I guess, and I'll keep an eye out too.

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    Mez, thank you. I may wait until he has more head control and he may find that easier then also.

    Nelle, thanks for all that info. Could be worth looking into the mesh one. Yes, I have to find the right time to get him to try them out and not absolutely crack it! lol I think I'll just persist and see how we go. By the time winter is here, he'll be better with is little head and neck and then we won't be so hot in the Bjorn. I have tried to get him to turn his head sideways in it but he wasn't keen. Again, have to get him in the right mood. He is only 6 weeks old - perhaps I'm expecting a bit much.

    Thanks again, both of you, for your help.

    Oh and Nelle, all the best for the rest of your pg!


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