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Thread: bubs not too happy in hab anymore....

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    Unhappy bubs not too happy in hab anymore....

    hello, since ds has been born the hab has been my best friend. ds used to absolutely love it. i have worn it to parties, weddings, out to dinner, even walking the dog. lately ds has been hating being in it. dp tried to wear him the other night when we went out for dinner and he cried until we took him out of it. do you think he's just getting too big for it (he's 7kg)?? over it?? or do you think we need to watch the dvd again and try him in a different position (we've been putting him in the face to chest, newborn position)?? thanks

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    Maybe try with giving him more head space? Has it been hot in there as well? maybe putting him in it with only a nappy on. Jovie still loves being in it with her face towards me she's not too keen on facing outwards... but she's 14 months so I would like to learn a side tie.

    Anyway... also maybe its that there was so much going on that he was over tired. Sorry, not too much help.

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