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Thread: can she breathe?!

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    Default can she breathe?!

    Hi Ladies.

    Made a sling last night, which I tried out today. She looks so crunched up in there, and seems to roll over so we're kindof belly to belly. That means her nose is squashed into my (squishy) stomach and it seems like she wouldn't be able to breathe properly. Is this the way it is, or am I doing something wrong?


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    I'd say that as long as she seems happy enough and you can tell that she is breathing then she should be fine!

    Babies love to snuggle in to Mum, it is safe and secure and comforting for them...they have a natural reaction to be able to find a small air hole to get air from, it's like when breastfeeding, some babies look as though they wouldnt be able to breathe properly, but they can...

    Im sure she would squirm to get to air if she was unable to breathe properly... as long as she isn't totally covered up and can get to air then I think she should be fine...


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    She won't have any problems breathing in a tummy to tummy with her face against your chest as long as her airway is not restricted. The thing to avoid is having her chin tucked up against her chest (with shoulders slumped or rolled forwards).

    What sort of sling did you make? A ring sling? A pouch? If you made a pouch, did you size it for your body correctly? An incorrectly fitted pouch will not only be less comfortable for bubs (she will swim in it!), but will also cause drag on your shoulders. If it is a ring sling, try tightening the top rail more, and tightening the central fabric so that her torso is better supported and snug against your body without slumping.

    There are some good video tutorials on youtube for adjusting and wearing slings.

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