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    Hi! I have a new little one and a two year old and I'm really in need of some hands free time! Can anyone recommend a carrier or sling that would suit one or both of my little ones?


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    I cant reccommend the Ergo Baby Carrier enough, it suits newborn to child can be carried on your front hip or back, has an insert for newborns to keep them nice and secure in a kind of cradling in your arms position, its GREAT on the back for heavy toddlers (I have carried my 5 year old in it when he got tired on a long day and I had both my daughters in the twin pram). Its easy to use too.

    You wouldnt be disappointed!

    If you want something a bit cheaper though I really like the babasling, I found it great for quick trips in the shops with my daughter and she was prem so often people would say 'is there really a baby in there?' and then for my toddler on my hip but it wasnt comfy for long use thats for sure thats where the support of the ergo comes in.

    Hope that helps.

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    I had two close together too and I loved my pocket sling (otherwise known as a ring sling). But it can take a little practice. Check out this thread for some other ideas great carrier thread.

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