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Thread: Ergo, Pikkolo or Beco?

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    Default Ergo, Pikkolo or Beco?

    Decisions decisions.

    They all have their good and bad points.

    I particularly want something that my bub will sleep in and is comfy for me plus easy to get on and off.

    I like the look of the Beco butterfly but am concerned it may be too hot with the extra material. Plus would need to get from US so if had any probs would be harder.

    My DH said he probably wouldn't wear any but IF he did possibly the ergo. I also like the accesories for it (backpack). How much does back pack hold?

    I like how bub can face out in the pikkolo and that I could use it now. I wouldnt get the infant insert for my bub with the ergo. He is nearly 3 months and has good head control and I have a wrap and BB I can use. I used the BB today shopping after a few weeks of using the wrap (just around home) and OMG my shoulders were so sore. He is only about 5.5kg too!

    What have been your experiences with these carriers?
    What should I get?
    I will mainly use it for grocery shopping and for my DS to sleep in when he won't sleep in the cot. It might get used on other occassions, not sure.

    It is too hard, I want them all

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    I faced the same decision not so long ago myself...I procrastinated for months, seriously. In the end I went with the Ergo. It was a tough choice between that and the piccolo but I just didn't have enough feedback on the piccolo to go with that and I knew I could get an Ergo quickly, and everyone I spoke to who had one loved it. I mainly wanted the piccolo for the face out front carry but DS has been fine without it and I can see me using the hip or back carry a lot as he gets older.

    I've been really happy with it. It's soooooo much more comfortable than my BB which I haven't been able to use for months now (DS is a big boy, 9.8kg now) because it just killed my back and shoulders. It is a lot easier to get on and off than I thought it would be too. Piece of cake. DS has fallen asleep in it quite a few times while out and about.

    I'm still struggling with the carrier/nappy bag scenario...thinking about the backpack myself, or at least a front pouch thingo...haven't looked into it enough yet. Must say I LOVE the zip up pocket in the front, it is sooo handy just to put your keys, phone, purse etc in when out at the shops or at the park etc. Really, really handy.

    I bet Nelle will pop in to post soon....(Hi Nelle )
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