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    i have lost my dvd on how to tie my hab!
    i do the normal one so makon is at my chest but as he is getting bigger and not always going to sleep in it i was hoping someone could tell me how the other ties go!?

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    Hey Ellissa,

    I think for the other positions the tie is still the same but you just move the baby. With the chest to chest position you can also leave their head and arms out so they're free to look around. To face outwards you just turn bub around. You put them in exactly the same way but they're facing out IYKWIM? And you just tuck their arms in under the shoulder straps. Have you had a look at the HAB site? You'll be able to get a pretty good idea just by looking at the pictures of the different postions I think.

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    there's a babywearing website called mamatoto (google that and it will come up) which has loads of diagrams for wraps like the hug a bub... hope that helps!

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