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Thread: HAB - What am I doing wrong?!

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    Melinda Guest

    Question HAB - What am I doing wrong?!

    Tiff was kind enough to lend me her HAB so that I can use it for Ruby (thank you again precious one!)

    Now, thing is, that she's not even in it for a few minutes and she's slipping down....and I know it doesn't look right etc and needless to say doesn't feel right for either of us. I've watched the DVD several times and am doing exactly what it says.

    What am I doing wrong? I'm just using the standard heart to heart hold. It all ends up getting a bit much when I'm trying to readjust it all the time and Ruby starts getting over it very quickly then!!!

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    Are you sure you're doing it up tight enough, Mel? I remember when Kynan was little I had to have it much tighter than I originally thought.

    (And once again I'm sitting here wishing we lived a bit closer to each other so I could just pop over and give you a hand with it LOL!).

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    Mel I'm thinking it needs to be tighter also.

    If it feels too tight when you put her in remember that it will loosen up a bit kind of like your jeans do after you've got them on for a while.
    You can also pull it out a bit from the shoulders.

    It did take Caleb a few wears to get used to the closeness. He doesn't wriggle around in it anymore.

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    Melinda Guest


    Thanks guys. I thought it was the tightness factor but geez.....I thought I had it on pretty tight as it was - it was a battle to get her in it with it that tight and yet there she was droopy droopenson! LOL

    Angel - yeah I know! I wished you lived closer too!

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    I struggle to get Ashton in with how tight I have mine, but I had the slipping down factor happen too the first couple of times till I just did it tight for some unbeknownst reason one day.


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    I often have to retie the bottom but sitting down & pulling it tighter after Jovie's been in it a little while. Especially after its been washed... So I sit down & lift Jovie up with one hand & pull it tight & then retie. HTH!

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