thread: Help Having problems with carriers for newborn

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    Jul 2007

    Help Having problems with carriers for newborn

    Ok I have an ergo (love it for my toddler) and a Hug-a-bub. I managed to get the hab and the insert 2nd hand for $50 which I was greatful as I wasn't too sure about the ergo insert and was glad to have the option of both and thought one would work for my new son (3 weeks old tomorrow), right..... WRONG

    The ergo insert causes his legs to go purple no matter what I do and I have found out that other mums have had this problem

    The HAB no matter how tight I get it (I am sure I am tying it right) within 30 mins to an hour he is all loose in it and I feel that I have to support him in it.

    Am I doing anything wrong??????

    I am thinking now that maybe a ringsling is the way to go for the next few months but I really don't want to spend more money especially if it doesn't work out for me again. I also am not a big fan of the types of carriers that are just over one shoulder.

    (I also have a baby borjn but wont go there with that one. it should be taken off the market)

    any help would be appreciated

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    i have a karmababy and LOVE it! its a pouch and i got it from melbel (wrigglebots) on here

    DD2 fall asleep so quickly,i also have the ergo and insert but find it too bulky

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    I found with my HAB not only did I have to tie it tight but the whole putting it on I had to make alot tighter. If that makes sense, leaving less room than I was to put bubs in cause I also at the start found it sagging and loose. Took me practice now there have been days when I've had her in it for 3 hrs with no probs.

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    I found the HAB great, but after a few hours, the fabric was all stretched. So I swapped to a Kozy carrier. They're seriously awesome, and offer much better support for your back. You can put bub's legs in the froggie position until they're big enough to put their legs out (although my bub still likes her legs in). It is also much easier to put on (not so much wrapping, just two ties) and the fabric doesn't strech like the HAB. If you search the internet for Kozy carrier, you should be able to find some info. I know a stockist too, so PM me if you want details.


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    Jan 2005

    I used a
    haB with DS, and had to do its up really tight before putting him in. Its normal to have to re-tighten them after 2-3 hours, not a problem with the sling as such, but it can be inconveinient.

    This time I have a Kozy mei tai as well, its a lot less fuss to get on and off - and while i dont have a really bub in there yet (maybe next week?) Im hoping it will be great!

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    I second the Karma pouch. If you sew they have a free pattern online. I made one from there and it is fantastic.

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    Oct 2008

    Close Baby Carrier

    If you're after something similar to the HAB that is easier to put on, try the Close.
    We LOVE it for newborns up till about 12 months. The coolest thing is it doesn't take forever to tie up... great when bubs is screaming

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    I love slings, particularly for newborns.

    Go into a babyshop some where and actually try the various carriers / slings on.