thread: Housework & baby wearing

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    Oct 2004
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    Housework & baby wearing

    I was wondering what type of housework can be done whilst wearing bubs in a sling. Most people I know and myself always mention hanging out the washing, but I am wondering what else can be done that does not put to much strain on the back. I find bending over to get the washing out the basket and into the washing a bit too painful.

    Thanks Astrid

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
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    You could probably do sweeping/mopping/vacuuming too? Though it would be pretty strenuous having the extra weight to carry... good excersice though!

    I have seen photos of someone doing the dishes with their bub in a Hugabub, but I would think that bubs would get in the way?

    Can you elevate your laundry basket on a trolley or chair or something, so you dont have to bend down so far?

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    katanya Guest

    With slings it is important that you have it sitting properly so that it doesn't place the starin on your back..usually the rule of bum above your belly button is agood one, I seelots of mums walking around with their babies hanging too low and that places strain on their backs!

    I used to wash dishes, do food prep (not cooking for the scold factor) and with the washing..bending down isn't a good idea with baby constantly..why not get a trolley, or like I used to do, use a table and put it under the line and so I wouldn't have to could vacum and sweep..?

    Just make sure your placement is correct before attempting it!

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    Melinda Guest

    Definitely sweeping/vacuuming. Mopping may be a little dangerous (I'm just thinking if you slipped or lost your footing on a wet floor, with the additional weight of a baby out the front, your centre of gravity is probably altered a little bit and you may be more inclined to fall?). Just a thought anyway......

    Probably some basic food prep, chopping/peeling etc, but not the cooking side of it as Katanya said.

    You could probably dust things that are at your level and squat for things that are beneath you perhaps?

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    Oct 2003
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    I did food preparation in my hug-a-bub as well as washing dishes. I've also swept floors & did the washing, but I had my washing basket up on a chair too...

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I used to cook with Gabby in the hug-a-bub 8-[ Bit nordy... but I was always verrrrry veerrrrry careful. I only had to do it a couple of times when she was chucking a tanty right when I wanted to do something.

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    HipBubbyMama Guest

    I do cooking and vacuming/sweeping with Sienna in the sling, and also washing dishes. I take her out to the clothesline in the sling, but pop her on the sling on the grass (ie lay out the sling like a blanket) as bending up and down is a bit hard on my back, and she doesnt like it either!

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    yollie Guest

    I have a BA BA sling. and I did absolutly everything in it. You can cook with the baby in it as it swings around to the back ( it only goes over one shoulder much like a billum) I did the usual house work vacc mob washing folding ironing dusting dinner making beds homework rugby training etc. I also walked my dog alot using it . I did groceries and bills. I also fed in it.

    My sons were 4.3kg and 4.4kg born and i didn't have back pain at all. I think the secret is to have them pulled in close to your body not hanging and then the weight is distributed more evenly and when they get bigger they tend to hang on and help a bit.