thread: Kanga - traditional style baby wearing

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    Kanga - traditional style baby wearing

    I just posted this on a baby wearing website, and thought I'd share it here on BB too, I just love kangas

    The pics are of the traditional way of baby wearing in Tanzania and other countries of East Africa using a kanga (a simple piece of cloth). It goes around bub at the back and is secured by a simple knot at the front of the shoulder. Newborns can be tied on to the front in the same way, but they are more in a lying down position. Three of the photos show how it looks from different angles, and the other three are of a spur of the moment "baby wearing lesson". I didn't try it on myself, but my friend said while baby Sharon was tied on she felt very comfortable, no back or shoulder strain, and her arms were free to do whatever she liked. Baby Sharon must have been comfy, she fell asleep on my friends back after about 5 minutes!

    kanga - a set on Flickr

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    That's really cool! Thanks for posting