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    Default New but want to try...

    I'm new to the sling world... Dont know the sex of our baby for a few weeks yet & want to do as much research as possible before buying.

    What are the better brands & how do they sorta work?

    We didnt use one with DD but plan to this time...
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated

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    We bought three slings before we found one we liked. Not a very wise move, as they're so expensive. We bought a comfy carry, which was great, but I found it to be too large and it hung down around my hips. We bought a Bubzilla sling, but I found that too large too. In the end, he one we ended up with was a Baba sling. It's fantastic. It's padded in all the right places. I found the other slings hurt my neck and shoulders. I can carry Caeleb around for hours without getting too tired and he's 8.5 kilos. Some baby stores have slings you can hire before you buy. We do in SA, what state are you in?

    Celsie. xoxox

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    We have baby bjorn and hug a bub. I absolutely love hug a bub and so does DS. I find it really comfy and DS would just fall asleep in it, even when he was a newborn. He was a bit unsettled today so I put him in HAB and bingo after a shortwhile he's asleep. Baby Bjorn is mostly used by DH as I myself prefer HAB.
    Hope this helps
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    We purchased a Baby Bjorn at $120 and NEVER used it once !!

    ... Ended up selling it on eBay for $80

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    We got a Baby Buddha as a gift but it's so stretchy DS hangs too low. I ended up sewing a tube sling and it works much better!

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    I have a Peanut Shell for Abbey and we love it. Esp for a newborn, they just curl up in it so snug. Even now at nearly 3 months old she snuggles nad goes right to sleep in it. Also you can use it when they are bigger too. I find it good on my neck and shoulders too.

    I had a Baby Bjorn with Tehya and it always pulled and hurt my shoulders.

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    I have a baby bjorn, a ring sling and now an ergo. I really liked the BB for when DD was about 2 - 5 months old, then it became a bit heavy on my shoulders but in fairness I don't know if that was because of DD's increasing weight or my increasing belly with this pregnancy! The ring sling was great when she was a teeny girl - supported her and held her nice and cozy.

    I've only recently got the ergo and even with a huge belly it is soooooo comfortable to use, and Iz seems to love it. I've got the infant insert so I can use it with my new baby too.

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