thread: What is your Fav things about slings and why did you get one

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    Apr 2007
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    What is your Fav things about slings and why did you get one

    Well this is coming from a sling convert who did not know or fully understand the benfits of slings till hers arrived the other day and my crying baby settled in it within five minutes. So I just thought it might be good to share with other Mums and Mums to be why we got our slings and what we like about them.

    For me Miss C was wanting to be held all the time and I had some writing work to do in our business and need some way to hands free hold her. The crying was an added bonus that started the day b4 it arrived.

    Benfits I can see is a more relaxed baby who is sleeping better

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    I love my carriers, always good when kids are grizzly and they just start getting too damn heavy to heave around all the time!!!!

    Love hands free too!

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    Hands free, and Jazz was a in-arms newborn and would barely settle anywhere else so the sling was like my lifesaver, I remember the first day i got it and OMG I couldn't believe I had gone a few weeks without it!!! Plus I could bfing walking around the shops, which was an added bonus. It is FANTASTIC now she can sit in the hip carry if we need to pop into bunnings or the supermarket - saves carrying her (11kg gets heavy! lol) or putting her into the trolley (eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww). She can still sleep in it, as long as i am walking around, and she sleeps against my chest which is nice (especially since she isn't s cuddley bub so sometimes this is the closest i get to s cuddle from her!).

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    Feb 2007

    The handsfee side of things, bub being alot more settled. My dd loves to be on my back when out and about and if she having an unsettled afternoon and I need to get dinner for the older kids I can put her on my back and she settels down. I wished I had found the carrier love with my other two. I now use mai tai and a scc alot.

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    Mar 2008
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    Blue was also an in arms newborn and would cry blue murder if he got put down.

    I love love love my HAB because I have my hands free, he's settled and a hell of a lot more content and it makes walking around the shops a breeze ... no bulky pram or gross supermarket trolleys!!

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    I agree with everyone else so far - Hands free!! I use pouches so I can easily feed in them, and when DD3 arrives she will spend a lot of time either in the sling or in the capsule, because of the kindy run and other things that come from having 2 toddlers in house.

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    Apr 2007
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    this is great ladies

    I have a peanut sling and another on order so happy and feel so relived that it is not that tough on my back or cs wound