I finally decided on a Pikkolo after much umming and ahhing.

We collected it today from the post office. I had it on for five minutes with my DS before I stupidly thought he should go into the bed and we could have a sleep together. He grizzled a bit when I put him in but soon settled and he let me know he was happy where he was when I removed him (absolutely hollared, but I wanted a sleep which hasn't happened yet).

It is quite comfy, I still have a few minor adjustments to make regarding tightness and where it sits on my back as it seems to sit funny over my left shoulder blade and rubs slightly on my right side of neck. I also need to make the crotch area a bit narrower for DS, but it wasn't too bad. It was super easy to put on, mind you I am used to a wrap or trying to fit the thingy in the slot on a BB. Soooo much comfier than a BB. I really like where it sits on the waist, provided my top is long enough I don't see me having any skin flashing issues - gotta hide the muffin top. I am really happy with it and it seems so simple yet really effective. I chose the metro black (on the offchance DH might use it) and it seems very classic yet funky too. Much much nicer than all the mass produced carriers.

My only criticism is that it is easier to put the sleeping hood on the carrier before you have it on. If I was trying to attach it when I had a sleeping baby, with my child, I would no longer have a sleeping baby. There needs to be a little pocket for it to "live" in and you just pull it out when it is required. My wishlist for accessories for it would be a backpack/bag similiar to the ergo one but in the funky patterns. that way you can change the look if you have a plain carrier or get sick of one particular panel. You can get blankets for them which look ok, certainly better than the ergo coat . Not sure I need a blanket though, will see.

Thank you so much to Mel from Wrigglebots for her really prompt service, I would really reccommend using her company. Seeing I have a plain black pikkolo, eventually I am sure I will need a BH mei tai. I will just have to convince DH.