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Thread: 1/2 sleep hour then wakes up

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    Exclamation 1/2 sleep hour then wakes up

    Hi all,

    I am at my wits end trying to work out why my little one sleeps for half an hour and then wakes up. I have tried everything and anything to get her to pass this phase, even gone to sleep school, but still, the same old thing.

    Will this EVER END!! I am constantly settling and re-settling over and over again, especially at night. It sometimes takes over 2 hours to re-settle her to sleep and I end up in tears.

    Is anyone on the same boat who can give me some advice. All my friends have babies that do not wake up after 1/2 an hour and when they get to sleep they stay asleep!! HELPPPPP

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    i feel for you!!! my DD does the same thing and has done since she was born. from about 2 months old i just put her in bed with me and booby her back to sleep. she is 5 months old now. during the day i have to sometimes let her sleep on my chest, or i will lay down next to her on the big bed, sometimes she sleeps ok by herself. i know this probably isnt the most practical thing to do but i say 'do what works'. people keep saying to me 'it will get better' but i don't know if it will. *big hugs* to you, sorry i can't help much but know there are other people in the same boat as you.

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    angelique Guest


    Thanks Hollo. It is a constant battle isn't it?

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    I feel for you little one has starting doing this now!!

    She drifted off about 10am today....and now i can hear her screaming her little lungs out....just when i thought i could get some things done around the house

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    Have you tried putting her in a sling? Kynan went through a phase where he'd only have a decent day sleep in the hug a bub. Good luck.

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    Our DS is only cat napping during the day as well. The only thing that I have found that works is if I let him lie on me. I can usually get a good 2-3 hour sleep out of him that way because as soon as he stirs I can pat him and he settles again quickly. Today though has been a nightmare. He is so tired and we cannot get him to sleep at all. I hope the phase ends soon too. I've heard that they're supposed to just start sleeping through their 40 minute cycle at some stage (maybe 6 months???) because they can get themselves to sleep. I'm not sure how to speed up this process. Good luck with your little one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1timemum View Post
    I've heard that they're supposed to just start sleeping through their 40 minute cycle at some stage (maybe 6 months???) because they can get themselves to sleep. I'm not sure how to speed up this process.
    Try not to have too many expectations about what your bub 'should' be doing by a certain age - just ends up being incredibly frustrating for you (& bub!) when they don't do what they are 'supposed' to LOL :wink: I think Kynan was about 7-8m old, if not older, when he hit his catnapping peak LOL.

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    same boat here - day sleeps are 40 mins - I have tried going into resettle her but she sees me and just starts laughing!!! Last few nights - night times have been every two hours - not sure if this is a phase she is going through or what - but the daytime sleeps have been happening since she was 6 weeks old. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions either!!! But you aren't alone, I spoke to my paediatrician about it and she said some bubs don't even sleep during the day, have also spoken to other people who's bubs have done this as well....I read about babies who have 2-3 hourly sleeps during the day and am very jealous!!!

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    My bubs is the same, but now he's started crawling - I'm getting longer sleeps out of him! HALLELUJAH! I was getting so frustrated with the 30 minute sleeps - and there was no point trying to re-settle, he was just up. I must say though, I did get full nights sleeps coz he was so damn exhausted from not sleeping during the day.

    From memory, dd was the same, so all I can say is - bring on the crawling!! I think it must just wear them out more.

    Anyway, no suggestions sorry, just wanted to add to the 'you're not alone' sentiment

    Good luck


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    tiggy Guest


    I hear you too.
    Ivy is 13months old and she is a twenty minute cycle girl. It's frustrating and exhausting. Her twin brother sleeps all night, so I'm pretty sure it is just her and not something that I am doing.
    I really feel for you. I'ts difficult when there seems to be nothing you can do to resettle either. Last night I was up from midnight until four am trying to get her to sleep but she just wanted to be awake.
    I'm sure our little night owls will sort themselves out eventually, you just need time and lots of patience. Hugs to all the ladies with matchsticks holding their eyelids open. Hugs and just ONE good nights sleep.

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    julesy Guest


    I have heard that when babies hit about 4-5 months of age, they can revert back to being 'catnappers' or are difficult to settle. I haven't hit that stage yet, but when we do I was told that sometimes you have to go back to "square one" and re-start the old settling technique you used to get bubs off to sleep in the first place. For us it will be 5 minute blocks of listening to Nina grizzle and 'chatter', then going in, replacing the dummy if she wants it, giving her a cuddle and putting her down while she is awake.

    She has already started waking about 2 hours after she goes down at night, but we just re-settle her (trying not to take her out of the cot unless she is upset). During the day I am more flexible about her catnapping and just try to get things done with her jumping in her jolly jumper!!!

    Maybe at this age they are going through some changes in regards to energy expenditure and therefore their sleep patterns are changing too. Hopefully keeping her active when she is awake is the key to her sleeping through the night. If she wants to catnap during the day then so be long as she keeps sleeping through the night!!!!!

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