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Thread: 1 year old startling in his sleep...

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    Question 1 year old startling in his sleep...

    Hi All,
    I started this awhile ago and lost everything I wrote when I had to go re-settle DS and got booted off line while I was gone! So let's try again...

    DH and I are looking for some answers...

    DS turned 1 year old on 13 February and started walking just before that. In the last few nights he has started startling badly in his sleep again. We aren't sure what is causing it, whether to be worried (ie if it is something medical), or what to do to help it. We have started wrapping/swaddling him again and I'm just wondering whether we should take him to the doctor or not.

    If anyone has any thoughts or comments it would be greatly appreciated!


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    If you are really concerned then get him checked out. It's better to get some peace of mind rather than be stressing that there is something wrong! Are there any reasons that he might be startling easier in his sleep lately - cooler/warmer room temperatures, illness, teething, ususual noises etc? My DS would also startle just after he dozed off and would wake himself up a lot (mainly for his day sleeps). He was wrapped for his day sleep until around 18 months.

    Good luck.

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    Hi there

    Id get it check Just to be sure. He might be dreaming as My son wakes some times screaming and scared. We some times hear him and then he will scream. Im sure it will be ok but if its happening alot get it checked.

    Good luck!!!

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