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Thread: 10 week old teething

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    Unhappy 10 week old teething

    Nina started teething about 2 weeks ago. I can see it's giving her a lot of discomfort and sleepless nights. I've tried the teething rings, or even many things cold, but she's not interested in them. She'd rather knaw on my hand. Just wondering what you can give a 10 week old.

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    Jodi-Lee... I saw in Target this Dribble and Chew blanket by Playgro, it's a smallish piece of textured cloth with soft rubber bits on all the corners. Maybe she'd like something like that? I bought Xander one and he always has it in his mouth (usually only the cloth bit tho). Some of the ladies here have suggested in other posts to wet a cloth and put it in the freezer for them to chew on?

    My little man loves to chomp on my hand (or his own) too!

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