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    DS is 10weeks old, he has always been a cat napper during the day, maybe only sleeping 4 x 1hr lots. at nights he sleeps appr 8-9 hrs, inc a couple of 4 hrly blocks. he is breastfed, but i am getting tempted to give him the odd bottle of formula. He cries appr 3hrs a day, just can be really grizzly. DH and i went for a drive yest and grabbed some lunch. when lunch arrived DS started grizzling, and he wasnt due for a feed, he was just tired, we had to take it in turns to walk him round in the pram, so hence we didnt have lunch together.

    DH doesnt think a 10week old should be so grizzly.

    anyone else sometimes have a 10week old who can be quite unsettled. it makes it hard to go

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    I think it's pretty normal.

    Unfortunately you kind of have to get used to baby disrupting your outings, they don't really have any respect for adult activities I can probably count on one hand the number of times we have eaten out with our kids, it took us a few experiences like the one you had to realise that it's just not worth it LOL.

    If he wasn't hungry it sounds like he was overtired and overstimulated, and once that happens they'll start crying and can be very hard to settle. It's totally normal. My DD was like that, she didn't like to go to sleep anywhere but home. If we were out when she wanted to be in bed she would scream blue murder and that went on until she was about a year old.

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    sounds like a totally normal baby

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    Caleb is 14 weeks old and is more of a cat napper during the day, sleeping for around an hour at the most. He is sleeping an average of 10 hours a night and I b/f him about every 3 hours, sometimes closer depending on his needs.
    He can get quite grizzly at times from wind or from being overtired.
    Is your DS grizzly for a whole 3 hours in a row or is that a collective amount for the whole day? Being a third time mother I can tell you that I've had many interrupted lunches and cold dinners from all three of my boys. It's all part of the package I'm afraid but if he, and you for that matter, are getting really upset then maybe you could try reseaching some settling techniques. Pinky Mackay has some nice gentle ideas you could try.
    I've also found that my babies have been way easier to settle at home than out. I think it may have something to do with unfamiliar smells and sounds.

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    maggie, his behaviour sounds very normal. Nina can be like that on some days, just really grizzly. And I agree with sammi-j, babies do like their own surroundings. The last couple of weeks, when Nina is tired, she'll only go to sleep in her cot, whereas before that she'd sleep anywhere. I've learnt to work around her with that. I go out when she's had her nap, when I know she's going to be in a good mood.
    It could also be the heat? Nina hates the heat and is really unsettled when we're outside in it.

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    Jesse is 11 weeks old and is a cat napper during the day too. Though ive found if he doesnt have his cat naps during the day, he's really grizzly in the evening. I usually find this to happen when we've gone out in the morning or something.. even though he seemed to have had a nap in his pram. Perhaps thats just how your DS is if he doesnt get proper sleep.

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    thanks guys. still on 3hr feeds at night and still cat napping during the day. i am sure it will get better one day...

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    Maggie, our DS (14 weeks) is a cat napper as well and can be quite whingy between sleeps. We have found playing music with a good beat to it settles him quite nicely. It stops him crying and helps put him to sleep. Classical music didn't work so we use U2, REM, The Young Divas, etc. It has to be turned up as well so he can feel the beat. We just tried going for a walk with our Ds and he cried half way from home so we had to carry him back (he wouldn't settle in the pram). It's hard - especially when I'm trying to get a bit of exercise. But I guess we can only keep trying and hopefully as he gets a bit older he'll be able to stay more interested in his surroundings for longer.

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    Does your DS get upset straight after the feed or seem contented that he is getting enough milk after each feed? Do you have the Sounds of Silence CD? Julia loves it to put her to sleep but I dont use it all the time only when shes having issues self settling. Julia is 12 weeks old and is BF and I also top her up with formula. The reason being is she was crying and grizzly directly after each feed and didnt put on weight. This would only be in the afternoons when my milk supply went down. I expressed for 2 days to see what my milk supply was every feed and understandably I was not giving her enough food in the afternoon as my milk supply went down to less than 60mls each feed therefore we had to use formula. She is no longer grizzly in the afternoons unless she is just in a bad mood or overstimulated.


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