thread: 11 month old off food???

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    Question 11 month old off food???

    Hi all, just after a bit of advice. My DS has always been a perfect eater, would eat anything and everything, and then he came down with a middle ear infection (last saturday) and has been on antibiotics and panadol. Since then, he has totally gone off his solids but still drinks most of his milk. I've put him up to 4 bottles a day (he had just gone down to 3) but the bugger just won't eat anything!!! Its really starting to concern me, because I don't want him to starve obviously and since he had been such a good eater before, don't want him to stop being such a good eater. I've tried everything today, he just turns his head away when a spoon comes near him, won't have a bar of it!! I got him to eat some cherries, a bit of apricot and some grapes this morning, and has had half a crispbread, but thats about all!! I've just tried some vegies, and he wasn't interested, so then got the frozen yoghurt out (not sure if his throat could be sore or not, cos mine is!!!) and after I put some on his hand and he shoved it in his mouth he then had some off the spoon. So just wanting some ideas on what the heck I can feed him when he isn't interested in anything!!!! i've tried sangas and everything and he wasn't interested!!! Help!!!! Thanks in advance :-)

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    In my experience, it's best to just leave them alone and not force food on them - if they flat out refuse to eat, then they really don't want it, particularly if they have always been a good eater. With a middle ear infection it probably hurts to move his jaw too much - there is less movement with sucking than there is chewing. I would just let him have the bottles and attempt to get him to eat, but once he refuses, then stop trying. He will eat when he wants to eat.

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    Thanks Sherie, I haven't been forcing him or anything, if he turns away, I sorta give up - was more wondering if I am giving up too easily!!!! My MIL said he was off his food because I gave him panadol off a spoon instead of a syringe (cos he was spitting it back in my face) and she said that he is now associating the spoon with medicine instead of food. Which made me feel FABULOUS.... But he ate the frozen yoghurt off a spoon (and my mum gave him cheesecake yesterday off a spoon!) so we'll just have to see how he goes I guess. Thanks :-)

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    Yeah, I agree, dont force it. Maybe provide him with lots of finger food stuff, then he can feel like he's in control.

    My DD has done the same thing recently and I think its also this hot weather plus they say their growth drops off around 12 months.

    Oh, and DD stopped eating things off the spoon because she wanted to feed herself. Have you tried giving him a spoon to try with as you're feeding him?

    Hope his ears get better soon, the poor little mite!

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