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    Hey girls

    I need some advice please. Gemma for the last 3-4 weeks has been having major tantrums. The ones where they throw themselves down and scream and scream. Or if she doesn't get her way she'll just start screaming! I'm at the end of my rope. I just walk out and leave her to it but my god what must the neighbours think!LOL! Today I let her go for it then put her in her cot. What else could I do?? I never thought tantrums like this started this young and with me having bub #2 this week they are no doubt only going to get worse.

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    Kirsty i feel you pain. Alex has been doing them for months now and I've lost count how many he can do in one day.
    I wish i had the answer in what to do but i don't. Gemma will grow out of it when and how long it will continue for i don't know.
    I have in the passed joined in with Alex and his face is a picture he wonders what is going on and stops doing it.

    Kimberley will have the odd screaming fit at the shops if she can't get her own way but i just take her away from that situation and she calms down. I'm waiting for the day Alex does it full on at the shops but at the moment he still sits in the pram.

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    Kirsty - Matthew`s been throwing tantrums for a number of months now, it`s just normal development for our children but for us poor Mums it`s not vety nice to have to put up with it everyday.

    When Matthew throws a tantrum, I will firstly explain to him why Mummy doesn`t want him to do or have whatever his problem is then I often will ignore him, or sometimes I`m not in a situation of ignoring Matthew such as when he`s climbing all over me throwing a tantrum because he wants to hold Adrian and I`m trying to BF Adrian, I`ll then try to divert his attention to his favourite toys such as his cars or ride on bike, which again will work, again I`ll explain that I`m feeding Adrian, Adrian is hungry and Mummy will not be long.

    Hugs to you Kirsty, it is hard but your doing a great job

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    Faith has just started doing this too, she's 14 months. At first I let her go for a bit, to see if it will wear down. If it does nothing then I upgrade it to a catergory 2, much like a cyclone and go into damage control. She gets worse and starts throwing things around, kicking her legs and what sounds like cursing in her own baby language.
    The best thing I find is to pick her up and walk with her until she calms down. I can't tell whether her tantrum is over something or she's just moody. But, the walk usually works.

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