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    Hi, i have a DS who is just over 13mnths , i have no idea if all is ok, i guess i am just being paranoid. would love any one elses opinions, to poss put my mind at ease.

    I have spoken with the childacre ctr, and they claim he is really good with them during the day, poss he is bored with me..

    Well anyhow, the last 2weeks he has been cutting at the same time his two top molars, i can feel that they are just coming thru, but he is so cranky, like all the time.. so poss tooth related.

    From the time he wakes in the morning, and he has about 10-11 hrs straight, he is sreaming, once he gets his bottle he stops, but he is just not a happy child. I know that he is clingy, if i leave the room , he cries. and even if he has been up for like an hr, he is already rubbing his eyes, and looks like he wants to go back to bed. He has been crawling for about 5mnths, and can walk holding onto one of my hands. Just loves books, and is always wanting us to lok at them with him. Can say onlya few words, but does a lot of jibbering noises(his own language) does a lot of arm flapping, i hope that is ok

    What i am wondering, is why would he be sad all the time , even now, he hates to go out and about, and be in the car or pram for long period of times, just screams.. i am hoping it is just a phase. he has 2 days sleeps, 3 solid meals, good eater, and 2 bottles a day.. i am just worried it is not normal behaviour. & there is something wrong.. should i go and speak to someone? i am just worried that as he is not a happy child, there could be something what needs investigating. or is is all ok. thanks

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    Thanks Sharleen,, so its possible,that another child can be as cranky as mine, some days i just look at him,and he bursts into tears.- the poor thing.. sometimes when we go to mums group etc, some of the kids his age, are so intelligent, they seem to understand so much more then my little one.. my MCHN advises he is right on track.. he babbles constantly etc..

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