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Thread: 15 month old keeps biting!

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    Default 15 month old keeps biting!

    Hi, I have a problem with a biting 15 month old. Family and friends have commented this might be due to teething, but I think its a habit that she's learned.
    It usually happens when I am cuddling her, she will try to bite my face! I have tried a simple 'no' and putting her straight down, but she continues to do it. I'm the only one she bites. Sometimes she'll even bite my hand or leg, or anything she can her teeth into!
    Could this be attention seeking?
    It does happen a lot when I am not giving her my full attention, like on the phone, or reading, etc.
    Anyone have any hints on stopping this? It really hurts!!

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    I'd keep going with putting her down and walking away when she does it. My DD (now 14) was a terrible biter but this ended up working. sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but soldier on!
    Other times though I would just lavish attention on her for a little while and then it seemed like she had enough of mummy (and I could finish that page!).
    Just remember, she loves ya and wants to hang out with her favorite person in the whole wide world!

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