thread: 16 months old, not walking independantly.

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    16 months old, not walking independantly.

    Hi girls, My 16 month old has been walking along the lounge, around the coffee table and pushing along his truck for the past 3 months. Up until recently he has started walking with one hand held, but really doesn't seem interested in taking any independant steps. Often the first question asked from friends and family after being told he is 16 months is ' is he walking YET'? Our response is 'yes, but not independantly'. The next reaction most of the time is shock followed by the words 'he really should be by now, my son/daughter walked........(yeah, yeah, yeah)you get the picture. I am alittle worried, but I only think I feel this way simply because of others reactions. Should I be worried? We do encourage our son, but not to the point of forcing him. I believe he will walk when he is ready. Some people are just to judgemental and make us feel inadequate as parents. Are we over reacting, should we be worried or just tell people to butt out?
    Thanks girls, look forward to your replies.

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    I am not at that stage with Olivia yet, but I kind of know where you are coming from in as much as Olivia at 12 months is still not bearing any weight on her legs or standing or even crawling properly (she motors around bum shuffling instead) and so I am really familiar with how you must be feeling! (If I hear one more person say "Is she STILL not crawlwing?" I will scream!!)

    I just laugh it off and explain that "all babies do things in their own time" and that whilst gross motor skills are maybe a bit lacking, fine motor skills and verbal skills are very advanced.....that normally shuts people up!

    I just checked in one of my baby books and they say the age range for walking independantly is anything between 10 months and 20 months........

    Easy to say, but I wouldn't worry. Or if you are worried and want a sanity check, have a chat with you child health nurse/gp.

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    Jackie Guest

    I don't think i would worry to much about it Karen, all little ones are different, and when he is ready to let go he will, probably when you least expect it.

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    Hi Karen

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. My first born was 1 week off being 19mths old before he walked by himself.


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    Ali Guest

    Hi Karen,

    I just had to share my mums story with you. When my brother was 18 months old and still not crawling or walking she went in desperation to the clinic where she said to the there is something wrong with him. She was told by the nurse "have you ever seen an adult that hasn't learnt to walk? All babies develop in their own time, just relax" In contrast, my other brother was up and running at 9 months. Funnily, they both turned out to be very active and gifted in all sports. If he is cruising the furniture you have no health issues...I am sure he will be ready to take off soon!


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    Hi Karen,
    I agree with the other girls... I wouldnt be worrying too much.
    I remember my CHN telling me that anywhere up to 15 months to crawl, and 20 months to walk is fairly normal.
    Plus the fact that he is standing and walking holding onto things means he is almost there anyway. I'm sure it wont be long now, but he sounds like he is doing just fine anyway

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    My son is not walking yet either

    I know your frustration regarding your child not walking.
    I am the only in our mothers group who's child is not walking, and we have younger kids in our family who are taking the plunge into independant walking, also some freinds who's children are younger than my son...
    I often worry that my son has something wrong with him, however, he kicks his legs without being told in the pool, he cruises the furniture and stands on his own BUT when I try to get him to walk, he cries and plonks onto his bottom..
    It is a concern, I would be interested on hearing when your child does walk...and what creative way you shut the "comparers" up

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    My grandchildren we 18 months before they walked so don't worry, he will soon be running everywhere. Enjoy this time whie you can.

    All you have to say to others is "I'm enjoying this time before he starts running and not stopping"

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    Nah, I wouldn't be worried. I know two kids that aren't walking yet. One is 18 months old and the other is 19 months old.

    When he's ready

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    Great advice but just quietly girls....this thread is nearly 6 years old....

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    Great advice but just quietly girls....this thread is nearly 6 years old....

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    It might be an old thread but it proves that these problems effect every parent who has a child that doesn't do something others think they should at a certain time.