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Thread: 19month old throwing MEGA tantrums..HELP..

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    mizzsocial Guest

    Default 19month old throwing MEGA tantrums..HELP..

    What do i do? Im so lost..

    Since the arrival of Baby Jordan, Jake seems like every hour he has some sort of tantrum.. we are also in the process of weaning him off the dummy, so he only has it at sleep time..

    When he throws tantrums, i just pick him up and place him into another room on the floor and let him continue the tantrum until he calms himself down..

    Is that right??

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    sorry to hear about Jakes tantrums.
    I would say that letting him clam himself down in another rooms sounds like a good idea
    I havent had this trouble as yet as Jordan is only 8 months old.
    Hopefully it is just a phase andprob adjustment to the new bubs.

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    Melinda Guest


    Jake is going through a bit upheaval at the moment, with the arrival of his baby brother, so it will probably take some time to adjust to that and that he doesn't have your undivided attention any more.

    Do you make special time during the day when Jordan is asleep that you spend doing 'big boy' things with Jake? If you can manage it, it's probably a good idea to sit down with him one on one as much as you can to reassure him that you still love him and have plenty of time for him.

    Weaning him off the dummy ATM may not be a good idea as a result of the big changes in his life - is it possible you could delay this for a while?

    He may also be going through some developmental hurdles and is struggling to find ways to communicate that to you.

    It could be any number of things, but I'd say he's feeling a bit unsettled ATM due to Jordan's arrival. Take a look at [url=]this article[/url] by Pinky McKay - it may help you with some ideas on how to help Jake right now, and to understand perhaps why he is feeling the way that he is, and acting out.

    Hang in there and let us know how you get on, ok? I know it must be very hard!

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Thanks Melinda..

    Yes i do make time for just myself and Jake, but at times it can be hard, especially if Jordan is unsettled etc..
    We were already in the process of weaning him off the dummy about 3 weeks before Jordan arrived, and then things just went haywire, but i wanted to remain consistant, if that makes sense..

    Jakes also at a hard age coz we cant properly communicate with him, and reassure him with words.. its hard..

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    Melinda Guest


    Absolutely....I totally understand where you're coming from! We have been through a very similar thing with Jacob around the same age where he was tantruming almost constantly for around 6 months and I felt in my heart it was related to communication (his sister is yet to arrive!)....and indeed it was! He's approaching 23 months now and it was at 21 months when things turned around with the tantrums - it literally changed overnight - he went to bed cranky, woke up happy and delightful and spitting out words! It's so hard when they are frustrated like that and are desperate to be understood!

    I wish I had some words of wisdom for you (I guess if I had the answers I'd be a millionaire, huh?! LOL). All I can say is that it WILL improve. I guess Jake's developmental milestone with communication co-inciding with Jordan's arrival has probably upset his world quite a bit, poor little sausage - but as you say, it's hard all round, that's for sure.

    I wish I could be more helpful....but I can honestly say that Jacob is MUCH better now that he can communicate more effectively. Of course we still have tantrums, but I find them easier to deal with now that I know what they are about, rather than previously not having any idea whatsoever. I've also found that Jacob benefited a lot from us helping him understand that there are consequences to his actions, which we have largely done through removing toys if he's thrown them, or putting him in time out for a minute or two.....the trick is finding the strategy that works best for Jake!

    Good luck......keep us posted huh?

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Melinda, you have been a great help!! Thanks so much, i really appreciate it!!

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