thread: 2 sleeps to 1?

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    ~bec~ Guest

    What an excellent choice for a name!!!!
    What ended up happening with your jacobs sleeps?
    My jacob has just gone down recently (12:30). So it'll be very interesting to see how long he sleeps for. He woke up at 6:30 this morning...nearly killed me!
    I must confess... i did get a slight sense of satisfation keeping him up till past his normal nap... i can see why he might enjoy keeping us up!
    Fingers crossed he sleeps better tonight and that thias will sort out his early rising as well.
    I am just getting SO tired... I guess this is probably a good time for him to change over to one nap a day... cause i'm only going to get tireder as the pg progresses and i don't think i could handle this in a few months time!!!
    Thanks again for all your help!

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    Melinda Guest

    Daylight saving did seem to be a factor.

    But we did drop his sleeps from 2 to 1 but it happened on a day when we least expected it. I had to go visit a friend who lives maybe 40 - 45 minutes drive away and I deliberately left at his nap time so he could have a sleep in the car, but he didn't sleep and he stayed up until around 12.30 and he had just the 1 sleep that day and then had a great sleep overnight! So we took from that, that he was certainly fine with the one sleep and continued on with it, although he would go down at around 11 - 11.30 and sleep for around 2 hours on average. He's just started pushing it back a bit though so it's more like 1 - 1.30 that he goes down now.

    It certainly sounds as though your Jacob may be ready for just 1 sleep per day if he is really getting upset about going down in the afternoon and just doesn't want to go down in the evening as well.

    Good luck!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks for this post, Melinda.
    Gabby is no where near ready for 1 sleep a day but I was wondering what age she might be. Looks like I have a while to worry about it, hey?
    Glad to hear that Jacob's sleeps have improved. I don't blame you for going nuts with all those early wake-ups!

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    Marisa (as a baby) and sleep you wont find in the dictionary. She stopped sleeping at all during the day before she was one. No joke. Why I remember this is I was so shocked that she slept on her 1st birthday, I had to wake her up for her name day ceremony and she was still sleepy - but the reason why the next day - she'd gotten tonsilitis and wasn't well. She didn't do it since then unless she is sick - it's the only time she ever day sleeps and even now.

    Elijah has dropped from two sleeps to one for the last five or six months (he is 15 months) - he used to have two smaller sleeps (about an hour) but now has one big one at lunch. It's now harder to get him settled at lunch and he's more likely to sleep after lunch, for less than he used to. So I am thinking this sleep is going to be getting smaller and smaller. He always wakes at 6.30am regardless and still wakes in the night.
    Kelly xx

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    BellyBelly Member

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    Matthew still has 2 naps but this thread is great as it shows me what signs to look for!

    Matthew wakes up in the morning ready for the day around 5.30 - 6 as it is. I hope he doesn't get any earlier! In fact I am waiting for the day I can sleep in!

    But of course there are 5 days out of the fortnight that we all are up around 5.30 as both DH and I work so that doesn't help poor Matty at all.

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    Melinda Guest

    Kelly - a close friend of mine's daughter, also stopped sleeping well before she was 1!! There was no way she could get her to have a sleep during the day. She has done for the past few months though (she is the same age as Jacob - 17 months) - I think it coincided with her wearing herself out from walking LOL. But yeah, there was no way known that little girl was going down for a sleep!!!

    Deb - yep, the early morning rising is a hard one!! I was so glad when i discovered that a lot of it was just due to it being much lighter in the mornings, but definitely changing to one sleep per day when he was ready seemed to help things - he now sleeps for around 11 hours on average (give or take). Jacob went on to 1 sleep per day at 13 months.

    Nell - it's great when you know how to pick up a few signs that they are ready to drop a nap, otherwise it can get a bit stressful and you're wondering what on earth is going on! LOL

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    ~bec~ Guest

    This whole sleeping thing... or not sleeping thing is killing me. Jacob only slept for 1 1/2 hrs yesterday arvo and took over an hour to get to sleep last night... He woke during the night at 3 and it took us till after 4 till he finally went back to sleep! Both my hubby and i are like zombies today!
    He woke up at 7am (an improvement on yesterday!) and went down at 12 and has been asleep now for 1 1/2 hrs... but i can he him starting to stir...

    How long did it take for your kids to adjust to one slep a day?

    I'm going nuts!!!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Awww Bec! Things can get a bit wobbly for a few weeks whilst they adjust. It seemed to take Jacob a few weeks before he was really settled into it.

    A 1.5 hour sleep for Jacob is pretty good - but he quite often averages 2. I'm not worried if he only sleeps for 1.5 hours though and he'll do this a couple of times a week I would say.

    When your Jacob woke at 3 am, what was he doing? Was he upset and needing your help to get back to sleep, or was he happy and just kind of chatting or something like that? The reason I ask is that it's not uncommon for our Jacob to wake in the night and have a full on conversation with himself (the longest this ever went was 3 hours!). But whilst he is happy, we leave him to it.

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    ~bec~ Guest

    We had a break through!!!! \/ Jacob only took 30mins to go to sleep last night...And he slept the whole night until 7:15 this morning. I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but things don't seem so bad this morning after a solid nights sleep! He went down for his nap at 12:30, so we'll see how long he sleeps for.

    When he was walking during the night it was a very unhappy awake... he would scream his lungs out, so one of us would go in an comfort him and put him back to bed... then 10mins later (or even less) it would start again until he was finally asleep. This could go on for an hour - an hour and a half. Very exhausting...

    I read my hubby what you said Melinda about your Jacob and his night time chats... we had a laugh... which was a really nice change... thank you SO much for your help and just being there to listen... i really appriciate it! :flower: It makes it a bit easier to know that other people have been through this and survied!

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    ~bec~ Guest

    He slept for 2 1/4 hrs....Yah!!!

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    Melinda Guest

    Awww! You're welcome Bec! I'm pleased to hear that he had such a solid sleep during the day (he's probably worked out that he's now officially dropped to 1 LOL) and he's probably tuckered out come night time, hence the long sleep.

    And you're right, things seem MUCH clearer and easier to handle when you've all had a good night's rest!!!

    Here's hoping it continues!

    Pity last night was a shocker for us (despite the two before that being GREAT) and it will be again tonight as Jacob's just started getting a cold (he was only unwell a few weeks ago...argh!). It seems that ever since I started taking him to playgroup and to the neighbour's house who does family day care to play one morning a week, he has been getting a few bugs! Poor sausage!