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Thread: 2 unda 2?

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    Default 2 unda 2?


    DS has just had his 1st bday, and i am expecting my second baby in august/sept

    any hints, tips etc that can help me get my head on couse with having 2 unda 2?
    i still want to play with my son, and i want to have cuddles and kisses and be silly with him... i am soooo panicked that he will some way miss out

    can any mums give me tips?

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    There are many posts on this topic if you want to do a search you will find some interesting threads. My boys are 19 months apart (would have been 20 but DS2 was early), so much as the same as the gap you'll have. It is very normal to worry that baby 1 will miss out when baby 2 arrives. I know I was. But in my experience, that is not the case. DS1 has coped very well with the arrival of DS2, they have been the best of friends since day 1. Whatever they each miss out on by sharing parents, they make up for by having each other.

    Some days with 2 under 2 can be hard, but overall I love it and it works well for all of us. The best advice I can give you is to prepare Blake for the fact that a new baby is coming, and also for the fact that mummy will be going away for a little while when the baby comes. Then just enjoy!!

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    I will be the same.. DD & Blake both turned one on the same day and im due the end of July 08. Im also a lil bit worried about DD missing out on my 100% attention. At the moment im trying to prepare DD for our new arrival and i just hope it works out for the best!!

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    My girls are 11 months apart!!

    Chelsea no longer gets 100% attention, they both get equal now.
    Days are hard, nights are long. I am lucky i have 2 well behaved easy kids. Good sleepers and eaters.

    Chelsea doesnt understand her baby sister so she gets a bit excited and rough with her.

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    Hi, I have 3 under 3 and lets just say my life is never dull. Just try and get into some sort of routine and then everything will come into place. All the Best

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