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Thread: 2 week old not sleeping during the day

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    Default 2 week old not sleeping during the day

    My 2 week old doesnt seem to like to sleep during the day. I feed him, he has a little "play" and then settle him, put him in his bed and he stays asleep for about 30min max. He sleeps well at night in 3 1/2 or 4 hour blocks. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?


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    Emma - let me know when you find out because I have the reverse problem!

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    Makon woulld hardly sleep during the day but then sleep 12hrs at night!
    As long as bubs is happy it shouldn't be a problem. unless bubs isn't happy.

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    Try not to worry Seth is the same. He'll sleep great from 8:30 pm till 8 am (he wakes between 4-6 am for a feed then back to sleep) sometimes he'll even go back to bed till 10 am but after that its up and down like a yoyo. I personally would rather it this way as it means I get sleep at night. My first slept really well during the night but didn't sleep through till about 8 mths and I seem to manage mentally better this way Although come arsenic hour (5 pm) I do tend to get a bit highly strung LOL!


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    Your first 6 weeks should be pretty unsettled. When your babies were in the womb they could feed when they wanted & sleep when they wanted. As they grow they will find a natural rhythm that fits with them.

    When I was going through it with Matilda I was bawling my eyes out wondering why my baby didn't sleep. I was desperate for sleep and I thought that all babies did was sleep.

    Matilda co-slept for the first 12 weeks because she fed every 2 hours overnight & I was exhausted from the c/s so I was pretty destroyed too. Sometimes she would feed for an hour and I would get an hour of sleep only for her to wake up again.

    At 2 weeks they go through another growth spurt and need to feed more frequently to up the breastmilk supply & the need naps to rest from all that sucking.

    Goodluck!! & rest when you can!

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    Babies can only fit in a certain amount of sleep in 24 hours and if they are sleeping for longer periods at night they will sleep less during the day. This is the best way for it to be, because you are less tired during the day compared to night and you can make the most of this time being the peak time for them to be learning about their world. Check out the many babies & sleep articles on the main site:
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    Kaitlyn was the same but her stints were 45mins . HOwever she dis sleep from 730pm-530am from about 6weeks!

    Your bubs will fall into a natural routine as they get older. Hard I know when you are sleep deprived and your hands are full pretty much all day!. But the time does pass quickly so hang in there

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    ej, from the day Jackson was bought home from hospital he has never been a day sleeper, problem with him is he is not a night sleeper either! Even now he is almost one he has 1-2 hours nap in morning and through the night he wakes 3 or 4 times!

    Like Christy said, a lot of bubs start to settle after about 6 weeks or so, so give it a little longer and see how he goes, could still just be 'finding his feet'

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    Evan would never sleep in his cot during the day until 3mo. He would sleep on my lap or in the sling though. You could try wearing your LO. I don't know what changed for Evan at 3mo, but just one day he decided he would sleep during the day and has been pretty good since. Good luck!

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