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Thread: 2 year old Nightime Waking - HELP!!

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    Default 2 year old Nightime Waking - HELP!!

    Hi everyone,

    Our darling two year old has decided that now would be a good time to "night wake". :shock: Sometimes he cries and other times he just calls for Mama. I usually rock him to sleep in his room(which doesnt usually take long), but he is usually up again in a couple of hours! ](*,)

    I dont know whether this has anything to do with teething (2yo molars - only one bottom one has come through till now) or whether there could be another reason. I dont suspect that he is sick. He does not have a temperature and although he is prone to ear infections, I have ruled this out too, as I am all to familiar with his telltale signs. He seems to become very grumpy towards the end of the day. He has always been a great sleeper and still has a 2-3 hour sleep during the day.

    I am booked in for a caesar on the 10th April and am finding it difficult to sleep as it is. ANY suggestions would be great. [-o<

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    Hi Danstar,
    Maybe you could just put him to sleep a little later. Don't make it too much later, because he'll get overtired and it will be hard to put him down at all. It should just be a stage that he'll grow out of [-o< .

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    Like Rayla suggested try a little later or cut back his day sleep a bit. I know how much I need Angus to have a day sleep most days but I'm beginning to sacrifice that for an uninterrupted night.

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    My DD woke up during the night at this age too - a friend suggested "night terrors" and i think that actually that's what it was. They are supposed to be different from "real" nightmares in that they don't remember them, and she grew out of it eventually (it took a month or so tho). Our DD didn't actually wake up tho - she used to cry in her sleep, and if we didn't wake her up properly, she would cry again in 5 mins time.

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