thread: 2 year old obsessing!!!!

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    Mar 2009
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    2 year old obsessing!!!!

    Hi everyone

    My DS is going to be turning 2 in May this year and he has a complete obsession with mowers and it is doing mine and DH's heads in!!!!

    His first word was mower (can you believe that???!!) and he can wake up in the middle of the night and say mow, mower and then when he wakes up in the morning he can say mower mower mower mower mower over and over for about 2 minutes!!!

    We spend so much time in the yard as he wants to push or us to push our big mower and take the catcher on and off over and over and then he pushes his around too! He has 4 toy ones and loves the Larry the Lawnmower show.....if he hears a mower going in the street he gets himself in a state if we dont go and try to find it to watch whoever is pushing it mow the grass....very embarassing!

    I was just wondering if any of your little ones has a fixation on something like this?? Is this normal?? I was hoping he'd get over it pretty quickly but it's been going on for at least 8 months!!!

    I feel so bad for him cause it's all he wants to do and it takes up so much of our time so both him and us end up feeling frustrated with the whole thing!!


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    Dec 2008

    At that age my son was fixated on tow bars. We'd have to stop at every car we walked past with one to check it out. He'd spend ages in our driveway hitching things up to the tow bar on our car and only wanted to play with toy cars with trailers.... He did eventually get over it but is still intrigued by them to this day.

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    Jan 2006

    We had an obsession with bins that has abated but for months everything was *bin bin bin bin bin* Now he just wants to put things in the bin (lost a set of car keys a few months ago) and is a very tidy little person - after he destroys everything of course

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    Apr 2008

    DD's obsession was helicopter, she said it so clearly from about 20 months, first word in the morning last at night and she said it so clearly from the start. Instead of hello she would say helicopter and tell people all about them, it lasted about 6-7months. She still loves them but is not so obsessed, her grandfather didn't help when he took her to visit the rescue chopper then gave her a mini photo album with photos from their visit inside but she just loved it. It will pass..... then they will find something new to obsess over lol

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    Jan 2008
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    Your most gave me a good laugh! How funny that he obsesses with mowers!! I dont think you have anything to worry about... its just something that amazes him at the moment.

    Like my DS is obsesses with planes flying in the sky... we get quite a few coming over our house... he loves them..

    Ur DS with the mower... they are everywhere! so thats why he is constantly reminded and thinks they are a big thing in our lives i guess hehe

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    Aug 2007

    I had forgotten all about the on and off obsessions!!

    If it is ruling your lives, try to bombard him with everything mowers...overkill!
    Books, pictures, photos, toy ones, make out of boxes, visit a mower shop, mower websites etc

    That way he 'might' be less inclined to have to drop everything and run when he hears one etc.

    It is the same with guns (usually around 4/5/6 years old)
    Rather than ban all guns (which is so hard when they can just make one out of lego!)
    embrace their passion....borrow books from library, draw some, investigate different types, make out of cardboard etc.....
    Before long, their passion slowly dies out. And you would of had many good opportunities to discuss good/bad aspects of guns, why police have them etc
    You can also share your personal thoughts on guns with your children and they will be more likely to follow your lead.

    Good luck with the mowers....lets just hope he still is obsessed at 12 years, so he can mow your lawn every weekend!!!!

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    Feb 2007

    my ds was like this - he'd become fixated on things (cars, cacti, road signs etc). when he was about 2 he became obsessed with cars pulling trailers, which he called 'joined'. whenever i drove somewhere he'd be staring out the window intent on spotting them, and when he saw one he'd yell out excitedly 'JOINED! JOINED!'. it was brilliant for long car trips, but unfortunately this passion was short-lived and was replaced by a dread of the once-loved 'joined' cars. then driving became hell because whenever he saw a trailer he'd wail NOT JOINED! NOT JOINED! and cry until the offending vehicle was out of sight. he followed this love-hate pattern with a few other things too - like the vacuum cleaner, and the cacti.

    gee i'm glad all that's over now! but your son's mower obsession is very sweet. enjoy it while it lasts, because it's bound to be replaced by something else sooner or later.

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    Nov 2008

    yip ive got a little green thumb at my house too, he hasnt quite started naming things yet but I bet if he could mower would definately be up there with mum and dad.

    I love the way he pretends to fill up his little mower with petrol using his drink bottle lol sooo cute..
    Funny enough Dads lawnmower is apparently less aggressive and more amusing than mums dreaded vacume cleaner.. but I think it comes down to the operator "If Dad thinks its cool then so do I"

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    Oct 2007

    yep DS1 used to be absolutely OBSESSED with sliding doors....he would sit and open and close the door for ages...i used to dread going to girlfriends houses because i knew he'd go straight for the sliding door...the problem was he would SCREEEEEEAM if i tried to take him away from the door and anyone trying to walk through the door he'd push or scream at...very stressful. He also had a major obsession with lids and sinks and plugs....his first words besides mum and dad where iddy (liddy) and tainer (container).
    He still loves them but the obsession isn't quite as bad now. He still gets pretty excited about sliding doors though, epsecially the big automatic doors at the supermarket lol
    His current obsessions are balls and flowers...whevener we walk somewhere we HAVE to stop and pick a flower.
    Its so funny the things our little people obsess about. I reckon treasure these moments- i love that my little guy doesn't have a care in the world and is so overjoyed with these simple pleasures in his life...before i know it he'll be 16 and wanting a car/wii/mobile phone etc etc etc

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    Jul 2007
    in a super happy place!

    My son's current obsession is Mail and the postbox. It is the highlight of his day when the postie comes, and we have to 'collect' the mail several times a day. Luckily we have very kind neighbours, so we also collect the mail of about 6 houses in our street. Alot of them are elderly so I think they love the visit. I have also made him a postbox that we post mail into. Going for a walk can be a bit of a nightmare at times because he wants to look in everyones mailboxes, "Mail, Mail". I just have to keep saying "No mail today. Maybe at home" so as soon as we get home, we have to check the mailbox again.

    Besides mail, he is obsessed by cricket. He has to play with his bat and ball the minute he gets out of bed, and also likes to look through the newspaper for pictures of cricket or "Ball Ball" as he calls it.

    Mgm - I LOVE the joined/not joined. That is gorgeous!

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    Jul 2006

    I have a mower obsessed boy too. Moooow, mooooooooow, daddy mow, mummy mow, gogga (that's how he says Oskar) mow. He wants to mow again as soon as it's finished. I have video of him mowing with daddy (using his own though)... oh and yes Larry the Lawnmower... how many times have I heard him ask for

    He also has a HUGE fascination with BUNNINGS! Yep, the hardware store. He calls it mummies and says "go mummies".. and I go "no go bunnings" and because it was night time last weekend when he wanted to go I told him it was closed and everyone had gone home to have dinner and sleep... so when I say "no go bunnings" now he goes..."mummies clooooooosed"