Hi all,

just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

My 21 month old has been great for his day sleep up until about 2 weeks ago - he had previously been happy to be put in his cot after a story (and without bottle) for his day sleep - he'd roll over and fall asleep on his own. However a few weeks ago we've started to have struggles with it - I've tried staying in the room but he'd scream and stand in the cot and bang his head against the (brick) wall (eek), and if I left him to cry for 5 mins at a time he'd just escalate - becoming distraught.

So I've gone back to his early baby days and cuddling him to sleep - it doesn't take long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes - I'm starting to wonder if I might need to keep this up now until he drops his day sleep altogether - a friend suggested he might just be needing more help "winding down" for the day sleep as he gets less sleepy and closer to dropping the sleep. I put him to bed anywhere between 11.30-2pm depending on the sort of morning he's had/how tired he seems.

He settles himself fine at night for his "big sleep" (usually sleeps through unless sick).

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this - is it a sign the dropping of the sleep is around the corner? or did you manage to get them back to self-settling?