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Thread: 3 yr old obsessed with boobies!!!!!!! HELP long entry

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    Default 3 yr old obsessed with boobies!!!!!!! HELP long entry

    My 3yr old DD is obsessed with boobies.

    A couple of months ago we were in a store called What's New. We were just having a general look and happened to walk past the adult novelties. Bella just stopped looked horrified and started crying. There was an apron with pretend plastic boobies on it. She told me boobies scare me. She talked about it constantly to anyone who would listen for the next 2 weeks.

    Lately she has wanted to get a bra. I told her that she was just little and when she was in high school she would get one. Now everytime we go into a clothes store, when she sees ladies clothes she tells me she can wear them when she gets boobies in high school. This is all fine, however she was dancing in the lounge the other day and turned to DH with her little hands pushing together on her chest, saying 'I've got big boobies dad'. He didnt know what to say.

    She's only just turned 3 and I am just flabergasted as to whether this is normal behaviour or not for a girl her age.

    We dont talk about boobs in general as I dont have a problem with my size, however the other day when I was getting changed she looked at them, my boobies, as if it was something alien. Shes seen them many times before and not had a problem. I couldnt get dressed quick enough. I dont know whats going on in her little head. Can anyone give me a little insight?

    I have tried her in a little crop top that my SIL passed down from her girls but she said it was uncomfortable. I personally dont like the little bralets for this young an age, as I think it is making them grow up to fast. Do you think I shoul take her shopping for some special singlets, such as barbie or my little pony?

    As you can tell I am at a complete loss, sorry for the long entry.


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    I cant help you sorry but i just wanted to say that i saw on dr phil once that fascinations with things like that are normal Sope it helps

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    It's totally normal. That's the age where kids start to pick up on 'toilet jokes' and thinking words like 'poo' can be very funny. It will run it's course, the best advice I can offer is to take it in your stride and not over-react!

    Your DD's interest will eventually fade, just go with the flow and do what you feel comfortable with. I would have suggested a cropped singlet top too - I mean, nobody is going to see it under her clothes, are they? I agree with you about not wanting toddlers to wear inappropriate clothing.

    I seem to remember my girls were around that age and wanting to wear 'showgirl' clothing. I got them some sparkly bikini-style underwear and told them that they were for dress-ups only, that they could wear them around the house but not out. That satisfied their desire to wear a bra-style top, but put limitations on it that I was comfortable with.


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    Like any unwelcome behaviour I think it would be best to ignore it and try and distract her by getting her interested in something else when she starts acting this way. Like a book or a toy.

    My boys are fascinated by my body and as you know with a little one you have no privacy. As soon as they hear the shower start up they are in there. They have been asking me recently where is my doodle?
    A different situation I know but if I make a big deal about it I know they will ask all the time, so I have just told them quietly that I don't have one and they seem to accept that for now.

    Have you read toddler taming? It is great for tips on stuff like this.

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    I'd seen something about this on Dr Phil too, and how it's normal for them to become fascinated by things like this - it's all part of learning and curiosity about their bodies really.

    I know it must be a bit off-putting though!

    I don't have any real suggestions unfortunately......but I do know the shop you're talking about LOL!

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    Hi everyone, thank-you so much for all your replies. It really helped. I think the main issue was that I didnt know that it was normal or not and didn't want anyone to think she was weird. I feel a lot better now and much better able to cope. We have not been making a big deal about it with her but it really was starting to niggle at me, 'is she normal'. Now I know she is and I feel a lot better. Many thanks again for all your help. I will probably buy her some special crop top for christmas as a treat.


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