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    Hi All,

    Has anyone experienced or know of babies holding their breath to the point of nearly passing out? Tonight Teagan was screaming and became hysterical like she was hyperventilating, then started to turn white and her eyes rolled back into her head. I blew in her face which startled her and calmed her a bit, I put her on the floor and checked her airways and that made her cry, but a normal cry which was a relief and then she just laid there calm and then a few minutes later gave me a gorgeous smile. I don't know why she started crying in the first place I was trying to burp her sister, but it was quite scary. I rang Nurse on Call and she wasn't very helpful, she was looking on the internet for an explanation and what to do. I could do that, and I did. But I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this and what to do. I'm still quite shaken up about it.

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    I've only had it happen with an older baby/toddler who has done it during a tantrum & yep I blew on her face or sprayed drops of water on her face. With a baby I would definately see a GP or paediatrician for advice as sometimes there are deeper reasons that they can't express yet. Good luck!

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    Thanks. That's what I was thinking Christy, I don't want to risk it, I will get her checked out.

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