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Thread: 4 month old not wanting to feed properly in the morning

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    Fee Guest

    Default 4 month old not wanting to feed properly in the morning

    Cooper has been acting strangely for the past week or so.

    For example this morning he slept through until 5.00 am. I fed him (10 minutes each boob) and put him straight back to sleep. He then woke at 8.00 am crying out. I assumed he would be hungry, being 3 hours from the last feed (I normally feed him 3 hourly during the day). But he wouldn't feed! So I put him in bed with my DH for some play time. Then DH said Cooper looked tired - by this time it was around 8.30 pm. So I tried to feed him again but he still wouldn't have a bar of it. I saw him do a big yawn so I put him in his cot. By this time it's nearly 4 hours between feeds. Shouldn't he be starving?!

    The other morning was the same except that Cooper woke at 4.00 am. I fed him and then when he woke later around 7.00 am he wouldn't feed. Someone suggested that maybe he wanted to drop that 4.00 am feed and sleep right through. So I decided that next time he woke for a feed anywhere between 1-4 am I would perhaps just try to resettle him.

    The thing is that he has never slept through constantly. He first slept through at 9 weeks old and ever since then he just does it every now and then! Otherwise it's just one feed during the night usually anywhere between 1-4 am.

    But ever since I decided to try the resettling trick, he has slept through to 5.00 am. I consider 5.00 am to be sleeping through and starting the day for him.

    I'm so confused ...

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    beastie Guest


    he mustnt sleep constantly at this age

    feed him, when he is hungry, doesnt matter if its 4.00 or 5.00

    maybe he only wants your closeness, when he wake up at 8.00.
    if he dont wanna drink, its okay. he's getting older and doesnt need milk every 3 hours.

    he'll tell you, when hes hungry again

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    Fee Guest


    I guess it's just that he's changed what he normally would do that's why I'm confused! He would normally want a feed after he slept for a couple of hours.

    Anyway just before he slept for only 40 minutes or so and then finally he fed.

    I find that the whole sleep/feed/play routine gets messed up though when he is like this. I suppose I shouldn't worry about it too much? Because with what he's doing lately, he is awake for so long before his feed and then when he finally does feed he is tired and I have to put him to sleep straight after the feed...

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    beastie Guest


    the routine will change oftener

    whats the problem with putting him to sleep straight after the fed? that'll be okay

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    Fee Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by beastie View Post
    whats the problem with putting him to sleep straight after the fed? that'll be okay
    I just usually follow the sleep/feed/play routine ... that's all. He's making it hard for me to do this! But I guess I need to learn to go with the flow more.

    I just find that if he's awake for a long time before the feed, then he will fall asleep during the feed or just after and I don't like putting him to bed asleep. I like him to be awake and self-settle.

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    beastie Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Fee View Post
    I just usually follow the sleep/feed/play routine ... that's all.
    ok.. thought theres something wrong

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    Fee, I wouldn't worry about it too much. It would be nice if we could always follow that routine, sleep/feed/play, but unfortunately like Mads said, they change often, and he could be going through another development stage.
    In 'The Wonder Weeks' book, they say another development stage is at week 19, and I think your DS is 18 weeks old, so it could be this?
    In the mornings, if he isn't intersted in feeding or playing, put him down in his bed or somewhere and if he nods off or is just happy to lay there and play, then that's ok. If he doesn't want a feed, play or sleep, then maybe take him for a walk or have cuddles with him. He may just want some mummy time?
    I know it's hard when you think you have them figured out and they change it on you. Good luck with it all.

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    Fee Guest


    Thanks Jodi. Cooper was 19 weeks old yesterday.

    It's just frustrating because he is awake for so long and gets tired. I see him yawn so I put him in his cot. He fusses and cries and then eventually I will go to feed him and he will finally feed (and fall asleep in my arms). This is usually 4 hours exactly from the last feed. So this new thing he's doing is suddenly turning into a clockwork routine!

    For example, this morning he woke for a feed at 3.30 am. He then woke around 5.30 am and I couldn't resettle him. I brought him into bed with us around 6.00 am for some cuddles etc. He became quite grizzly and fidgity. I tried to feed him at 6.30 am (3 hours between feeds). He sucked for about 2 minutes and then cried and pulled off. So I put him on his play mat and he happily played for a while. Then around 7.00 am I saw him yawn so put him in his cot. He cried and cried etc. I kept going in to pat him and shush him etc. Then at 7.30 am I went in and picked him up. I tried to feed him and he latched on straight away and fed for 15 minutes on one side and 10 on the other.

    I did wake him up after the feed and now he's playing on his play mat again. Thought I'd try to keep him up for a while before trying bed time again.

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